What are the functions of paid knowledge mini program development?

Original title: What are the functions of knowledge payment applet development

Today, the rapid development of the Internet and the integration of the global economy have brought about improvements in people’s living standards and material security. At the same time, people have begun to pay more attention to spiritual consumption, and payment for knowledge has emerged as a result. However, in the Internet era, online information is diversified, but it is difficult to distinguish whether the information is true or false. This will affect the efficiency of users in obtaining information to a certain extent, and small programs It can solve this problem and show you valuable information. Let’s take a look at the development functions of the paid knowledge applet.

What are the functions of knowledge payment applet development

Functions of the paid knowledge applet:

1. Home page: Navigation column and course display, both free and paid; choose at will;

2. Course classification: Classify according to different courses, allowing users to find the courses they want to choose more intuitively and quickly and start learning;

3. Member management: After becoming a platform member, you can watch video courses for free on a timely basis and get corresponding payment discounts;

4. Textbooks: Textbooks are purchased and shipped directly after purchase. Users can check the logistics information and receive the goods in a timely manner;

5. Personal Center: You can view balance, points, orders, and other details, and you can also contact platform customer service and other operations.

Developing a paid-for-knowledge mini-program can provide you with faster and more direct access to the content you need, greatly simplifying the service process, and bringing practical benefits to users. The arrival of the paid-for-knowledge mini-program has reshuffled information acquisition, allowing the vast majority of Information acquisition is no longer a substitute for marketing.

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