How to choose a reliable small program custom development company?

Mini program custom development company How to choose a reliable one? The continued popularity of mini programs has made more and more companies look forward to it and want to have their own mini programs. Most companies do not have a technology department or information department, and can only outsource to professional and reliable small program development companies.

What aspects should companies pay attention to when choosing a small program development company?

Mini program development
Mini program development

1. Don’t easily choose a company that only sells templates

There are countless small program development companies on the market. In order to attract customers, many companies use low prices to attract customers. You must know that the templates are all developed in advance and have the same style, which cannot meet the needs of personalized development. Without any planning and design, such small programs cannot reflect the advantages and characteristics of the enterprise, and the effect will not be very good. Templates are delivered without source code and cannot be developed again.

2. Do not choose a development company without after-sales service

There are many software development companies on the market. They only sell products. The prices are really attractive, but they are sold out. No one cares about the after-sales service. Customers don’t know how to operate, they don’t understand technical terms, they don’t know how to configure technical interfaces, and the software is all kinds of troublesome to use. . Although some have after-sales service, they strictly implement a 9-to-5 robot customer service, reply in the same manner, and cannot truly solve the problem in a timely manner. Isn’t this kind of after-sales service in vain?

3. Don’t choose low prices easily

I believe everyone knows that you get what you pay for, and small programs are no exception. Some development companies have low-price slogans, and some companies will be attracted after seeing them. When small programs are developed, they will not be satisfied at all. Business scene. Usually low-priced mini programs require less investment in product planning, UI design, development and optimization, which will inevitably affect the quality of the mini program.

4. Don’t just pursue speed and blindly compress the construction period

After choosing a mini program development company, some companies require the mini program to be developed in the shortest possible time. Although this shortens the development period, a lot of work cannot be done in place. As a result, there will be many problems in the actual use of small programs, and they will not be of excellent quality and cannot be recognized by users. Therefore, sufficient time must be reserved when developing small programs to ensure that every detail can be perfected.

5. Don’t choose individual developers easily

Some companies may find individuals or small studios to develop in private for the sake of cheapness or other reasons, thinking that this can save a lot of budget. However, the results obtained by this method will not be very good and cannot meet the standards of the enterprise. Either there are too many problems, or the project will be abandoned halfway. Therefore, when developing small programs, you still need to choose a professional and formal development company, which will be more secure.

From the above points we can see how important it is to choose a professional development company

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