If a company wants to build a mini program, where should it start?

If an enterprise wants to make a small program, where should it start?

WeChat Mini Program is an application that does not require downloading and installation. It does not take up as much space as other APPs, nor is it as troublesome as other APPs. The ultimate simplicity makes WeChat Mini programs have taken a firm foothold in people’s daily lives, and therefore are favored by many users and companies; as a result, more and more companies have begun to produce WeChat mini programs.

However, today is different from the past. The increase in mini programs means greater competitive pressure. For companies of different sizes and industries, the development of WeChat mini programs is also different, so , for enterprises, how should small programs be implemented? Which development method should be used?

If an enterprise wants to make a mini program, where should it start?

1. Introduction to Programming Development

If someone in the company is interested in programming, then he can learn technical knowledge by himself, then refer to official documents and write code for development. Of course, he must let him immediately If the horse can’t run, you have to feed the horse, and the same goes for employees. Either directly reduce the employee’s work and let him learn knowledge, or spend a certain amount of money to let him learn independently.

To be specific, you need to first download, install and maintain the official developer tools, then create a new mini program project, select the path where the code is stored (the best single path), and fill in the APPID of your own mini program ( If not, you need to register on the WeChat public platform), and finally check to create a Quick Start project, and you can directly develop small programs; of course, this mode is only suitable for people with a programming foundation. If you don’t have any understanding of programming, don’t do it. If you do it, it will take time, effort and money, but in the end it will have no effect.

If an enterprise wants to make a mini program, where should it start?

2. Choose WeChat mini program template development

When companies create mini programs, it is very common for companies to use mini program templates for development. It is also a very popular method nowadays, and it is more suitable for those who do not understand technology. Novices and ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises without much money and time.

Furthermore, it is very simple for enterprises to use this method to make small programs. To put it simply, they first need to find a simple small program production software. This small program production software does not have much complexity. There are many requirements on the market today. After downloading the mini program production software, click in, select a mini program template, and modify the template through the mini program design bar in the background. Not only can you set the theme color and navigation of the mini program , you can also add various sections to the homepage design, such as carousels, splicing pictures, shortcut buttons, videos, titles, product lists, etc.

You must know that the homepage of a WeChat mini program is composed of different sections. For example, in the store column of the mini program, you can add company products, set product categories, and also Add live broadcast function, traffic main function, article display module, etc. to the application center.

If an enterprise wants to make a mini program, where should it start?

3. Mini program production outsourcing

When your company does not understand technology and wants to have its own corporate mini program, you can find a mini program outsourcing company and ask them for your needs. Enterprises create small programs to make the enterprise suitable for the enterprise’s brand and products. However, this method is time-consuming and expensive. It usually takes several weeks or even months, and the cost can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It is more suitable for companies with sufficient funds.

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