Live broadcast APP development-the era of live broadcast e-commerce is coming!

Live broadcast APP development-the era of live broadcast e-commerce is coming!

The arrival of the live broadcast e-commerce era has changed the modern market structure, the real economy has declined, and live broadcast e-commerce has become the darling of the new world. What followed was a boom in live streaming, from the original show live broadcast to today’s e-commerce live streaming. Online live broadcasts have set off waves of economic development. The process of developing live streaming products requires a lot of professional skills, and the development process is extremely complicated. The editor here brings solutions for live streaming APP development.

Live broadcast APP development-the era of live broadcast e-commerce is coming!
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1. Live broadcast list: You can select the live broadcast room you want to enter from the following, popular, latest, and classified live broadcast user lists.

2. Viewing permissions: The live broadcast APP software can set different viewing permissions, supporting free, paid, password, F code invitation and other permission settings.

3. Live broadcast sharing: Share the live broadcast content to social platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, QQ, etc. through the live broadcast APP software, allowing more people to enter the live broadcast APP through social platforms to watch the live broadcast and quickly gain fans.

4. Filter bad information: Set keywords through the live broadcast APP system to block and filter bad information to ensure that the chat content in the live broadcast room is healthy and avoid the live broadcast APP being closed for rectification.

5. Gift rewards: Obtain and reward different gifts, such as ordinary gifts, luxury gifts, red envelopes, rankings, third-party recharges, dynamic updates of gifts, cash withdrawals, etc. Ensure that users can reward gifts and draw prizes, mobilize users’ enthusiasm for participation, and enhance activity interaction. Anchors can obtain gifts to increase their motivation.

6. Personal information: Ordinary login, third-party login, registration, search, modify personal information, watch list, fan list, forgotten password, view personal information, income list, follow and unfollow, etc.

7. Room settings: Create a room, enter the room, exit the room, close the room, switch rooms, room administrator settings, room user list, etc.

8. Live broadcast operations: Recording, editing, streaming, decoding, playback, beautification, background switching, anchor to administrator operations, administrator to users, etc.

9. Live interaction: Interactions such as comments, likes, private chats, group chats, etc.

10. Permission management: Review live videos, and set bans, hiding, etc. for live videos that fail to pass the review.

11. Live broadcast mall: The anchor explains the products while live broadcasting, and users can purchase products in the live broadcast mall in the live broadcast room.

Chengdu Live Broadcast Development Company also provides a complete after-sales service system. It is not just a simple system development, but a one-stop development and operation, providing customers with one-stop services from consultation, to customization, to after-sales, looking for live broadcast development The app company is looking for an editor.

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