New retail mini program development: How should retail enterprises layout mini programs + new retail?

How mini programs help the retail industry transform

With the advantage of being able to be used and opened without downloading and installing, mini programs have become another hot spot in the e-commerce market and have also brought unlimited opportunities and hopes to the retail industry.

The operation of mini programs has lower requirements for enterprises, especially the emergence of a number of excellent mini program service platforms, which has greatly lowered the threshold for using mini programs. For example, on the Geek Mini Program service platform, retail companies can easily build their own smart mini program as long as they register for the WeChat mini program and associate it with the Geek Mini Program, which can be said to lower the threshold for mini programs to the lowest level. The manpower and time saved by the company can be invested in user management that is truly worthy of in-depth study.

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Let’s talk about new retail mini programs today: How should retail companies layout mini programs?

New Retail Mini Program
New Retail Mini Program

First, the positioning must be clear.

An important feature of mini programs is that they are small, which means that enterprises should present the most important content and be “small and beautiful” instead of pursuing “comprehensiveness”. Users often have less burden when using mini programs. On the one hand, mini programs do not take up more space. On the other hand, mini programs do not have too much impact on users during use. For retail, mini programs The program is very suitable.

Second, precise promotion

Although mini programs are supported by platform traffic, their own promotion is also essential. As Tencent’s KA (key) service provider, Geek Mini Program can help companies publish advertisements on Tencent’s official platform and expand the promotion area. It also has a professional operations team to support the whole process and provide suggestions for the promotion of corporate mini programs.

Third, online and offline integration

Companies switching to online operations does not mean giving up offline operations. Creating a closed loop of online and offline marketing is the best solution. Enterprises attract users’ attention online and then divert the traffic offline, allowing users to enter the store and enjoy a better shopping experience, thereby increasing interaction, generating consumption, and locking users into this closed marketing loop.

Summary: The transformation of the traditional retail industry is inevitable. With the help of mini programs, the traditional retail industry can obtain more traffic, promote more accurately, break through online and offline barriers, and form Marketing closed loop.

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