Hotel APP development

With the continuous development of the mobile Internet, many offline industries are completing transformation and upgrading through the Internet, and offline hotels are no exception. In order to provide opportunities for the transformation of offline industries, hotel APP development has appeared in people’s lives to facilitate users to obtain hotel information online. , bringing many benefits to people’s lives.

Hotel APP development
Hotel APP

one. What are the advantages of hotel APP development?

1. Provide comfortable accommodation for people on business trips: Because business trips seem to have become commonplace in the workplace, there must be no shortage of people traveling. Everyone hopes to have a comfortable environment to rest their bodies when they are exhausted physically and mentally. The quality and reputation of hotels have become one of the reasons for many consumers to choose, and the relatively beautiful and simple indoor environment is more favored by users. The development of hotel APP software covers a variety of diversified hotels in different regions, and the rational use of online channels provides a comfortable accommodation environment for more people on the road.

2. Simplify hotel management: After integrating the hotel’s management system into the intelligent system, the booking process, cancellation process, and room update process have become very simple, and hotel management has also become easier. A huge improvement compared to before. This is also the current situation where more and more accommodations are using APPs for marketing. Internet marketing has larger communication channels, and smart hotel management makes complex things simple and fast.

3. Let users clearly understand the hotel’s situation: Providing better services to users is the guarantee of credibility and quality, and letting users understand the detailed issues of the selected hotel is the key to the user’s decision whether to stay. Users can understand the hotel’s overview at a glance through the hotel APP software, and can also learn more about the information that users need to know through communication. Check out hotels online and make hotel stays less complicated than they used to be.

two. Why does the traditional hotel industry need to develop hotel APPs?

1. It is difficult to find the target customer group and carry out accurate market positioning.

2. There are limitations in communication and interaction with customers, making it difficult to cultivate user stickiness and customer loyalty.

3. Customer information is scattered, and the inability to fully tap its value is a key problem, making it difficult to achieve secondary consumption.

three. The development functions of hotel APP are as follows:

1. User registration: Users register and log in to become users through mobile phone numbers, and fill in relevant personal information to facilitate check-in or ordering services.

2. Hotel display: display hotel enterprise information (geographic location, size, star status, special catering, leisure and entertainment), talent recruitment, investment and franchise information.

3. Information display: Displaying hotel news, promotional information, popular activities, etc. can attract more customers to spend money.

4. Catering display: displays the hotel’s special catering, including dish pictures, names, price information, a variety of cuisines to choose from, famous dish recommendations, special promotions and other functions, as well as providing wedding banquet special banquets, business special banquet banquets and other categories of choices. Reservations can be made with online payment.

5. Room display: Display pictures, prices, room number information, and detailed room descriptions of hotel rooms, conference hall information, chess and card entertainment rooms, KTV private rooms, etc., and online payment and booking are available.

6. Map navigation: It has a map navigation function, which is convenient for customers to check into the hotel through the navigation function. They can also request the hotel to send someone to pick up the customer.

7. Coupon red envelopes: Coupons and red envelope denominations are released in the background, and the face value or discount can be used for payment deductions. Coupons or red envelopes can be issued separately for single or multiple hotel services.

8. Evaluation and complaints: After enjoying various hotel services, customers can make graded evaluations or complaints about each hotel service, which facilitates hotel managers to receive customer feedback information in a timely manner and make timely adjustments to hotel services.

9. User sharing: Customers can share photos, pictures and texts of their favorite services, and share them to major social portals to attract more users to download the hotel APP and increase the number of hotel customers.

10. Backend management: Managers can log in to the backend to add, delete and modify the content involved in the above functions, publish hotel information, dish information, room information, etc., issue coupons and red envelopes, and adjust discounts and Amount size.

11. Data statistics: You can count the consumption of each hotel service every month, find out the services with high consumption and make key recommendations, and appropriately use coupons to stimulate customers to consume the services with low consumption.

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