What features are needed to develop source code for a voice broadcast system?

Live broadcast app development voice source code function development

2019 is the first year for the development of the industry with video live broadcasts and short videos, attracting the entry of many corporate products. However, as similar companies have more and more products, the competition for traffic has become more intense. Compared with live broadcast marketing methods in the form of real-life video content, the voice live broadcast platform system source code does not require showing face or appearance. To a certain extent, it lowers the threshold for live broadcast for users. This technical advantage will also become an attraction for students. More users become anchors, and users who listen to the live broadcast can no longer use it themselves and only need to stay in the live broadcast room. The operation experience will be more convenient to manage user information and do other things while listening to the live voice broadcast.

What features are needed to develop source code for a voice broadcast system?
Voice live broadcast

The live scene in the voice broadcast system source code requires the following functions:

Multi-bit chat with Wheat: Wheat for multiple people, even listening to unlimited viewers in a room, Wheat-bit synchronization status for all users in the room; Customized room configuration: room parameters can be configured as needed, such as bit rate, and Other wheat digits;

Play music and sound effects in the background: the background and the playback of music and sound effects do not interfere with each other. Background analysis of music development provides students with playback, pause, song information list, previous song, next song, and set playback teaching mode (single/loop/ Random), SEEK and other common system functions;

Microphone switch, external switch, input and output volume control; background program: the program can still maintain normal calling functions when switched to the background, IM: support for sending IM messages, sound effects can be set: voice change, stereo, reverberation and other sound effects can be set. And provides in-ear listening.

The voice live broadcast system sources the voice live broadcast function list to realize different types of voice chat room audio chat functions.

1. Join a chat room: Select the room type, use the identity anchor or join the audience room and voice exchange with other users in the room.

2. Anchor/audience switching: People in the room can switch and control their own anchor/audience status by using the “On Mic” button at any time.

3. Receiver/Outlet Switch: You can use the “Outlet” button to switch the receiver or outlet.

4. Stop sending audio: Anchors can stop sending audio using the “Mute Self” button.

5. Stop receiving audio: You can receive audio from other people in the room without stopping the signal by using the “Don’t receive audio” button.

6. Music accompaniment: The host can use the “Accompaniment” button to play accompaniment music and send it to other people in the room.

7. Change the sound effect: Anchor can use the “Voice Changer” button to choose your own sound effect change.

Generally speaking, users of live voice broadcasts tend to be younger, mostly post-90s groups who are pursuing a sense of freshness for enterprises. They have their own behaviors and ways of doing things, and they like to use sound to vent their loneliness and boredom. For the development of customer groups such as students who love Chinese voices, the development of source code software of the voice live broadcast platform system not only protects their privacy but also makes them feel more friendly. The basic lifestyle of voice live broadcast content is mainly divided into several major sections such as different emotions, two-dimensional economy and culture, music, entertainment, and dating. Voice anchors live broadcast song covers, film and television drama dubbing, emotional information exchange, story telling and reading and other activities on the platform. Listeners can send a text comment through data at the same time or apply for the microphone function to interact effectively with the anchors in real time and make some gifts. reward.

With the further opening up of audio content and the further exploration of user scenario needs, the current audio market development is in a stable and rapid growth trend. With the rise of the sound economy, the number of people using audio applications is growing rapidly. Compared with live video, the source code of the voice broadcast system is KAIF, which is more suitable for users’ fragmented scenarios, and the accompanying live content has a wider audience. However, with the advent of pan-entertainment, the live broadcast industry is new, and voice is increasingly favored by the younger generation. Voice live broadcast may become a new growth point for the live broadcast industry in the future.

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