What are the advantages of developing travel mini programs?

The improvement of users’ quality of life has largely driven the rapid development of the tourism industry. However, some of the problems that have long plagued users’ travel have not been improved with the development of the tourism industry. solution. For example, problems such as queuing up to purchase tickets at scenic spots, long queuing times for entering the park, whether scenic spot services are in place, and the experience of online ticket purchasing cannot be reasonably and effectively solved by relying on traditional methods. The emergence of travel mini-programs has solved this problem. To summarize, what are the advantages of travel mini-programs?

What are the advantages of developing travel mini programs?
Travel Mini Program

1. Leave immediately after use, and you will come back after leaving.

As we all know, a special feature of mini programs is “use and go”. According to statistics, the single use time of mini programs has accounted for one-fifth of the average daily use time of WeChat users, among which users with higher frequency of use have also accounted for to half way. Based on a good user experience, when users meet their needs, they will first think of opening the mini program again. The advantage of mini programs is that they are convenient and efficient as soon as you use them. The fact that you will come back again after you leave is proof that mini programs pay attention to user experience.

2. Decentralization

Another feature of the mini program is to extract a certain function of the originally highly comprehensive APP and generate a separate entrance. This decentralized model greatly improves consumer efficiency and experience.

For example, the Ctrip mini program has developed a dedicated entrance for air ticket booking and hotel booking, instead of being able to book a variety of products like the APP.

3. Traffic dividend

Nowadays, many people do not travel often. They only travel a few times a year, so they need to download the APP every time and delete it soon after. Mini programs can solve this problem very well. At the same time, the mini program itself has its own traffic function, and you can obtain the traffic of many mini programs through search.

The advantages of travel mini-programs are that merchants should develop their own mini-programs according to their own needs. And it is an indispensable tool for the tourism industry.

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