What are the small program development and production platforms?

Original title: What are the small program development and production platforms?

Many merchants hope to open mini programs to gain more business. But who to find to build the mini program is a headache. Today, let’s analyze it for merchants: What kinds of companies provide small programs, how much does it cost to develop, and who should you trust?

There are three main types of companies that supply mini programs: WeChat platform (Tencent), software companies, and agents.

The first WeChat platform (Tencent), as the pioneer of mini programs, provides merchants with free mini store mini programs. Merchants can search on their mobile phones: Small Store Assistant, and then follow the process to open the mini program to sell goods by themselves.

One ​​advantage of this small program is that Tencent provides technical support, so merchants don’t have to worry about anything. Moreover, in the small store service market, it is supported to add more functions to small programs. For example: order printing, docking with express delivery, docking with same-city takeout delivery platforms, automatic delivery of orders, etc.

What are the small program development and production platforms?

The second type is software companies. These software companies are usually able to quickly develop the functions that merchants want. Some companies charge expensive, some charge cheap, and they usually charge on an annual basis.

Because software companies are mixed, if merchants do not carefully screen and experience their mini programs, it is very easy to be deceived. Therefore, you must consider carefully when purchasing their mini programs. For example: how much does it cost per year, are there any other fees, how much traffic the server can withstand, what are the various functions, whether new functions can be developed, what is the post-maintenance like…

The third type is the agent. Agents don’t need to be technical, they only need a few marketing personnel to do it. When merchants are looking for them, they should check clearly what brands they represent and what kind of after-sales service they provide…

Okay, that’s the introduction. Hope this helps.

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