• What are the advantages of tourism mini program development for scenic spots?

    Original title: What are the advantages of tourism mini program development for scenic spots? With the recent recurrence of the epidemic, various scenic spots have promoted the normalization of reservations for tourist attractions, achieving limited admission, reservations, and staggered peak admission. After “reservation of scenic spots” became common, most scenic spots will put the “reservation” function on their official websites and third-party platforms, which will make tourists need to download various APPs to make reservations, making the process too cumbersome. WeChat applet can help People solve this problem. Although mini…

  • Market development prospects of mobile travel apps

    What are the market prospects for tourism APP development? Today is the era of mobile Internet. Almost all industries have been involved in the field of mobile Internet, including the tourism industry. The development of tourism apps can provide users with online services such as booking air tickets, booking hotels, travel strategies, and scenic spot inquiries. So what are the market prospects for developing mobile travel apps? Judging from the current travel app software on the market, the more common ones on the market are travel-related mobile apps such as…

  • What functions do local tourism mini programs use to solve travel problems?

    In the season of spring and flowers blooming, you need such a travel plan. There are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. Each season has its own unique beauty, and you can enjoy different scenery and experience different life. In spring, a season when everything revives, flowers bloom, and vibrant scenes everywhere, it is very happy to take a short holiday like the weekend to see the unique scenery of different places in this season. However, travel itinerary arrangements are complicated,…

  • What are the advantages of developing travel mini programs?

    The improvement of users’ quality of life has largely driven the rapid development of the tourism industry. However, some of the problems that have long plagued users’ travel have not been improved with the development of the tourism industry. solution. For example, problems such as queuing up to purchase tickets at scenic spots, long queuing times for entering the park, whether scenic spot services are in place, and the experience of online ticket purchasing cannot be reasonably and effectively solved by relying on traditional methods. The emergence of travel mini-programs…

  • What functions of travel mini-programs can bring convenience to travelers?

    What functions of the travel mini program can bring convenience to travelers? There are only two days until the May Day holiday. Presumably many tourists who need to travel during the May Day holiday can use the WeChat travel mini program to add “convenience” to their travels. You can use the WeChat mini program You can use the navigation system to plan travel routes, and you can also use scenic spot inquiries to get information about tourist attractions “at a touch”. These functions actually allow travelers to feel the convenience…

  • What functions should photography APP development have?

    As people’s material life gradually improves, more and more people like to travel, and during the travel process, taking pictures is an indispensable link. Because the camera function of the mobile phone is very simple and the quality of the photos taken is not high, so the photography APP was born. This type of APP has many built-in photography functions, and the photos taken are of high quality and are very easy to be liked by users. What functions should photography APP development have? 1. Online shooting function: When traveling,…