Functions of developing small programs for car shops

Original title: Functions of developing small programs for car shops

Since the advent of WeChat mini program development, many industries have developed their own mini programs. What I have to say is that with the continuous progress of Internet+, there is a new combination of mini programs and the automotive industry. So the development of mini programs in the automotive industry What functions does the program have?

Function of developing small programs for car shops

Functions of the car applet:

1. Personal Center: Provide users with the corresponding personal center. Users can not only change the corresponding personal information, but also check the corresponding historical orders online.

2. Service selection: Users can quickly select the services they want to obtain directly through the mini program, and directly understand their needs for car services through the mini program.

3. Online consultation: Users can directly consult with merchants through the mini program to better ensure the value of their services.

4. Online reservation: In order to better obtain car-related services, the mini program will provide relevant online reservation functions to help users quickly obtain related car services.

5. Customer management: Mini programs can help users better manage customers, and at the same time, they can better conduct marketing and increase the possibility of conversion.

6. Message reminder: When the user receives new information, the mini program will promptly remind the user to ensure that the user can understand it in time.

In short, as a new infrastructure of the Internet, mini programs have already played a decisive role in the automobile service industry. As a new traffic depression, mini programs can break the bottleneck of APP acquisition. The ability of mini programs to connect offline makes offline cars more convenient. It is easier for enterprises to reach online users and the path to reach them is shorter. These functions can also greatly help the operations of offline automobile enterprises.

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