Online rental mini program development plan

When people rent a house or apartment, they often do so through Internet platforms on the Internet. In the past, it was through classified information websites, but now it is basically through online rental mini-programs. The development of online rental app can integrate and display scattered housing information to facilitate people to rent a house.

Online rental mini program development plan
Rent a small program

As an online rental tool, the Online Rental Mini Program will focus on finding, renting, and searching for a house to meet people’s functional needs for online renting.

1. Online rental mini program development plan

1. Building type classification: different building type classification, second-hand housing classification, rental housing classification, new house classification, residential community classification, house type classification.

2. Classification selection function: According to the target range, selection is carried out along subway lines, price sections, commercial districts, etc. , to find suitable rental housing.

3. Rental Information Column: Brand-new housing information, constantly considering people’s needs for housing information, as well as common problems in the process of renting a house.

4. Online consultation and communication: When you see a suitable house, you can communicate with the store or renter online to learn more about the condition of the house.

5. Navigation map function: The navigation map function is to display the location of the house for users to facilitate users to visit and inspect the house.

6. Information publishing function: Homeowners can publish listing information in the WeChat applet to help everyone understand more listing information.

7. Electronic signing: Both parties are satisfied with the house and can sign an electronic contract online to protect each other’s legal rights.

8. VR online house viewing: In order to further display the specific information of the house, VR technology displays the house in multiple directions.

2. Online rental WeChat applet development and design functions

1. Save time and effort: When customers are looking for a house, they can immediately search for housing resources on the Internet without going offline. Both online and offline inquiries save time and effort.

2. Platform: A comprehensive real estate rental platform that provides a variety of useful real estate rental APP tools to grasp various information in real time.

The development of online rental WeChat mini-programs also facilitates the dual communication of rental information between real estate developers and tenants, taking into account the market consumer market.

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