Shanghai Software Development Company – What should you pay attention to when looking for a software development outsourcing company?

Issues that need attention in software outsourcing development

Software already exists in every aspect of life. Every company has its own software. When companies in non-computing industries need to customize and develop their own software systems, do they have to recruit and form a development team? Of course this is not the case. There are specialties in the art industry, and rushing into a new industry will not only consume a lot of time and energy, but also often lead to unsatisfactory results.

So what should you pay attention to when looking for a software outsourcing company? Let me introduce it to you next.

Shanghai Software Development Company - What should you pay attention to when looking for a software development outsourcing company?
Software development company

1. Company qualifications

Company qualifications mainly refer to whether the company is formal? For example, go to specialized websites such as Tianyancha and Qichacha to inquire about legal persons, main business, corporate disputes, etc. The length of time the company has been established and in operation is also helpful as a reference. In principle, the longer the better. Of course, if a friend introduces you to an individual or studio, the company qualifications can be ignored. However, you should also pay attention to cases, reputation, contracts, and after-sales service!

2. Word-of-mouth evaluation

Generally speaking, any software development company that has been involved in software development for more than two or three years will have a certain reputation online. We can search through various channels. You can search for the brand words of this software development company and see the online search results. In addition, you can also use Q&A to search, such as Baidu Zhizhi, Zhihu, etc. If the company is listed on Baidu Map, you can also read reviews.

In addition to regular searches, I also asked in some communication groups, such as who has done software development in XXX? How is it? If your friend recommends you personally or as a studio, then your friend counts as his reputation.

3. Successful cases

Cases are essential, whether it is a business or a personal studio. Because word-of-mouth evaluation only explains one aspect of software development technology, and can only be used as a reference, but the cases he has done are indeed real. Waiting for the software development cases provided by the other party, on the one hand, we can see how intuitive the software is; on the other hand, we can ask the people who use the software how it actually is.

4. Development costs

Now that software development has become very mature, there is no need to consider whether the price of a software is 5 times or even 10 times higher than the industry, or 5 times lower than the industry. Many people are superstitious about big companies or 4A advertising companies. In fact, many big companies may be agencies. They quote 100,000+ and then subcontract them. Of course, for example, if a certain treasure quotes a price of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, it is not recommended to consider it. Because of the cost of software development, it includes domain name (you can buy it yourself), server, software design, technical development, and one-year post-maintenance (if any) fees. It is also divided into templates and individual design pages. The normal cost is between 100,000 and 200,000. , there is no design or pure template, and there are also tens of thousands of them.

5. Contract terms

Whether it is a company or a personal studio, there must be a contract, even if it is recommended by a friend. A contract is an agreement between the two parties, which mainly depends on the following aspects:

a. Main contents of the contract

That is, this contract determines what software development includes, such as domain names, servers, number of design pages, delivery and acceptance methods, and time spent on software development, etc., so that you know what to expect.

b. Contract fees

Generally, there is no software that has not yet been developed and full payment is required, and it is rare to pay after it is fully built and accepted (if so, you can leave me a message on the official account). Under normal circumstances, 20%-50% of the payment can be paid in advance, and the remaining balance is paid in full. What this percentage is depends on the communication between the two parties.

c. Contract terms

This is mainly because Party A mainly looks at the breach of contract, such as leaks, timeouts, infringements, etc. Of course, it also includes Party A’s obligations, such as providing corresponding basic information, etc. In addition to delays caused by force majeure or communication between the two parties, this should also be considered.

6. After-sales service

After-sales service is also very important. Generally speaking, many individuals, studios or companies that have been established recently will worry about after-sales service. In reality, many people will not be able to find an individual or company to help them after two or three years. Therefore, if you choose a personal studio or a new company, the cost is relatively affordable, so you must be mentally prepared. After-sales service actually mainly includes whether there are basic technical services and whether there are follow-up functional expansion services. Of course, you must keep the ftp password, server password, etc. by yourself. It is best to own the domain name yourself! Some companies or individuals will help you package the software source code and send it to you. Although you don’t understand it, if you need it in the future, It is also convenient to use.

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