Flexible employment platform development – Can flexible employment platforms be used?

Nowadays, many flexible employment platforms are issuing a large number of special VAT invoices, and the bosses must have contacted them. Generally, a six-point special invoice can be issued with a service fee of no more than eight points. There are even individual platforms. You can issue an invoice by charging a service fee of seven points, six points, or five points.

Flexible employment platform development - Can flexible employment platforms be used?
Flexible employment

In fact, whether flexible employment can be used, the answer is definitely yes, but it cannot be used randomly, otherwise there will be great risks and it may be suspected of falsely issuing VAT invoices.

Because under normal circumstances, even if the six-point VAT special invoice does not include corporate income tax, he still has to pay VAT and surtax, which adds up to 6.72. Those who charge a service fee of 6.5 points and issue invoices are extremely risky.

The main businesses generally involved in flexible employment are commercial services, such as technical services and consulting services. These are essentially service outsourcing services between flexible employment personnel and flexible employment platforms. Enterprises in need of such services can obtain services from flexible employment platforms. Obtain the services provided by flexible employment personnel, and then settle the settlements with each other. Finally, the enterprise pays a fee to the gig platform, and then the enterprise obtains a VAT invoice issued by the platform.

The flexible employment platform uses its own tax qualifications to help flexible employment personnel declare individual taxes and their own taxes. Flexible employment personnel will settle again with the flexible employment platform.

Nowadays, it is not advisable for many companies to use flexible employment platforms to handle personal taxes for employees or executives with high salaries, because such risks are extremely high and it is easy to be suspected of falsely issuing VAT invoices.

Note: Only for labor dispatch and human resources

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