Shanghai Mini Program Development Company: What are the common types of customized mini program development?

Do you know these common types of mini programs

Wechat Mini Program is an application that does not require downloading and installation. It realizes the dream of having applications “at your fingertips”. Users can open applications by scanning or searching. Through WeChat mini programs, merchants can obtain more Internet traffic, and it is also high-quality, low-cost user traffic. Therefore, the earlier a mini program is launched, the more traffic it can bring to merchants and the higher their loyalty. More and more companies have begun custom development of small programs.

Shanghai New Mileage Technology is a professional Shanghai Mini Program Development Company. Today we will talk to you about what are the common types of customized mini program development?

Shanghai Mini Program Development Company
Shanghai Mini Program Development Company

E-commerce mini-program development

E-commerce mini programs involve all walks of life, and any product that can be sold can be transformed into online sales. It can be mainly subdivided into: e-commerce mini-programs, boutique e-commerce mini-programs, food e-commerce mini-programs, luxury goods e-commerce, art e-commerce, etc.

With the advantages of short development cycle, low cost, and multiple traffic entrances, mini programs have become a popular platform for every e-commerce company. More importantly, mini programs are merchants’ own platforms and are not bound by third-party e-commerce platforms at all. At the same time, the unique social attributes of mini programs can help merchants spread quickly and attract customers through multiple channels.

Service booking applet development

Service booking applets are also popular in traditional industries. Generally speaking, merchants can display their store addresses and service content on mini programs, and customers can book service times and projects online. Traditional beauty, physical therapy, housekeeping, moving and express delivery and other industries can all choose such booking mini-programs. Being able to learn about and book projects without leaving home is a highlight of the service booking applet. As more and more companies try to solve the pain points of the “last mile”, “nearby mini programs” are already the solution.

Online ordering applet development

The catering app can provide customers with online ordering, online ordering, and online payment, achieving one-stop service. Nowadays, many restaurants have chosen to develop their own online ordering applets, which not only save labor costs for the stores, but also improve the dining experience for customers. The “smart catering” developed by Geek Mini Program not only provides the functions of general catering mini programs, but also supports takeout ordering, one-click calling, digital management and other functions to protect merchants’ online and offline operations.

Game applet development

After the mini-game “Tiaoyitiao” became a hit game, many game mini-programs also appeared. The combination of mini-program games and WeChat social networking can unleash greater capabilities through WeChat, attract more users to participate, and bring huge traffic space and monetization space to developers.

Article information applet

Browsing current affairs news has become a must-have in fragmented time, so there is still a lot of room for the development of small programs for article information. Such small programs can synchronize the content of WeChat official accounts, and can still be used directly on both Apple and Android phones. Tip, skip Apple’s rules, and the experience is very fast. This is probably an important reason why mini programs are so popular in the self-media circle.

Interactive functional mini programs

Interactive functional mini-programs include grabbing red envelopes, smashing golden eggs, turning the wheel, etc., and are very suitable for various offline activities. For occasions such as weddings, annual meetings, public exhibitions, etc., if there is such an interactive mini program, the event will be more lively and the atmosphere will be boosted.

Mini program development has a wide range of uses. It not only serves the e-commerce industry, but also empowers all aspects of life. To update WeChat mini program development information or if you need to find a Shanghai mini program development company, please contact our customer service for support

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