Why is custom mini program development more expensive?

Original title: Why is the development of customized mini programs more expensive?

With the launch of WeChat mini programs, it has brought many impacts to various industries.

The platform is also constantly improving the functions of mini programs. More and more businesses hope to transform through mini program customization. At the same time, many mini program customization and development companies have been spawned to seize new markets.

So many users who want to customize small programs have questions, why is the development price of customized small programs more expensive?

Why is custom mini program development more expensive?

1. There are differences in required functions

The business needs of each industry are different, so the required functions will also be different. Different functions and pages will naturally lead to different quotations. For example, those who do real estate need a property applet, and those who do catering need a click app. Meal systems, e-commerce companies need a small program mall, etc. These small programs have very different functions and naturally have completely different prices.

2. Relevant to company size

Some development companies have a long history of operation, mature scale, and rich development experience. After receiving the order, they will strictly abide by the mini program development process to produce, fully conduct market research, communication and planning, and produce detailed plans. Each step will be controlled by professionals. , this kind of company will need to pay more manpower, and the quotation will naturally be more expensive.

3. High labor costs

The most expensive part of mini program development is manpower expenditure. Each link requires dedicated personnel to monitor. Now that the price level is so high, hiring a professional UI designer will cost you at least 7.5k in salary every month, among other things. Front-end, back-end. Tester fees.

4. Attentive service

Some small program development companies cannot find people after the project is completed, or even ignore people directly. The quotations of such development companies without after-sales will naturally be cheaper. Customized small program development is not something that can be completed in a day or two. It requires 1 -3 months, and after the project is completed, it needs to be inspected to see if there are any new bugs or other technical problems. The after-sales services provided by each development company are different. The more and more thoughtful the services, the more expensive the development price will naturally be.

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