Don’t fall into the free trap again. How much does it cost to develop a small program?

Original title: Lanzhou Mini Program: Don’t fall into the free trap again, how much does it cost to develop a mini program

Free is more expensive. This has reached a consensus on the Internet. Many businesses have already understood the so-called free routine. Even sharing is marked with the word “economic”. In fact, it is a disguised form of leasing. There are also two different views on mini programs, free online mini programs and paid online mini programs.

Lanzhou Mini Program: Don’t fall into the free trap again, how much does it cost to develop a mini program

Mini programs are an outlet. Although this outlet is somewhat erratic, I believe that opportunities only come to those who are prepared. If you want to make a difference, you must come up with a decent set of “tools”, and free mini programs are probably Doing nothing will simply not be able to meet the needs of users. Therefore, it is more reliable to choose to pay to make a small program. So, how much does it cost to develop a small program?

1. Analysis of demand for mini program functions

Merchants have different purposes for launching mini programs, and their functional requirements for mini programs are also quite different. E-commerce mini programs focus on product placement and description, while tool mini programs not only meet user needs, but also leave an advertising flavor. , content mini-programs, how to coordinate images and texts, and the recommendation function of related information…

For different needs, you need to communicate with the mini program producers. Generally, the mini program producers will give corresponding suggestions based on the user’s needs, and the merchants will make choices based on their actual situation. This process may take a certain amount of time. Sufficient preparation in the preliminary work will bring many convenient conditions for the production of small programs.

2. Formulate relevant plans

When both parties communicate in agreement, the mini program producer will make a demand document based on the needs of the merchant. In the document, the merchant will be notified of the prices of different functions. This will provide sufficient reference for future mini program production.

A clearly logical mini program production plan, in addition to the relevant quotation, also has specific mini program production implementation steps. By listing the options, you can clearly see the relevant situations from the beginning to the completion of the mini program, including Text and picture content, etc., are clear at a glance.

A complete small program production plan is not static. It must be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation. Don’t think that once you have a plan, everything is done. The plan is to give us a clear understanding of the situation, but the real completion requires seeking truth from facts.

3. Labor costs for making mini programs

The quoted fee for mini program production actually also covers labor costs. We know that the maturity of technology has made the cost cheaper and cheaper. Some “fool-like” operations can make people who don’t understand mini programs, according to It prompts you to launch your own small program. Although such a small program does something very similar, but when it comes to specific application, it feels restricted everywhere. It even feels like it is just a small program and cannot play its due role at all.

For the same small program production, there will be a relatively large difference in labor costs. This situation is not uncommon. There are masters and ordinary technicians in any industry. The difference between the products made by masters and the products made by ordinary people is There are relatively big differences. Of course, those who can be called masters always have a side that is difficult for ordinary people to reach, which also means a difference in price.

The production quality of the mini program not only affects the compatibility of the mini program, but also involves the promotion and marketing of the mini program. A mini program fully considers the characteristics of the platform and how it is more conducive to marketing and promotion. Although it is relatively It is said that the price will be higher, but think about the promotion cost that is several times higher than that of making a mini program. The more you invest in the early stage, you may save a lot of unnecessary expenses later!

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