Decoration mini program development solution: What are the main functions of home decoration mini programs?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for home decoration are getting higher and higher. The business of decoration companies has also become booming, and the styles and models of the decoration industry have also begun to become diversified.

In the fierce market competition environment, more and more decoration companies have begun to develop their own decoration applets. So, what are the characteristics of these decoration applets?

New Mileage Technology, a professional mini program development company, is here to talk to you about: Decoration mini program development solutions: What are the main functions of home decoration mini programs?

Decoration company small program development
Decoration company small program development

Decoration mini program marketing tool functions

In order to increase the order completion rate and purchase rate, various promotional activities can be launched on the mini program page, such as group buying, bargaining, flash sales, points, and coupons. The decoration company can set up appropriate promotions based on the needs of local consumers. activities to stimulate consumption.

Decoration mini program online customer service function

When many owners have questions, customer service can answer them at any time, which is the best manifestation of the service industry. Real-time answers can best capture the owners.

Store function near decoration applet

Many decoration companies are chain-operated. Owners can easily check nearby decoration stores through one-click locating on the mobile phone applet, making it convenient to communicate on various matters during the decoration process.

Decoration applet decoration case style classification display

Different owners prefer different decoration styles. The mini program can display different styles of works designed by designers of different styles for reference by owners and friends.

Decoration Mini Program Mini Program Online Custom Decoration

Although there are many kinds of decorations on the market, owners always have their own unique requirements. Owners can choose customized decorations and designers of different styles on the decoration mini program. The mini program can make an appointment online to view the house, and the designer will then Issue interior decoration design drawings according to the specific requirements of the owner.

Decoration applet building materials classification display and suggestions

After the decoration design is decided, you are faced with the problem of choosing decoration materials. The decoration team is also particular about materials regardless of style and function. Friends who know about decoration will make a list of materials, but friends who do not understand can consult customer service online to get professional advice. .

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