Mini program development company: What are the techniques for naming WeChat mini programs and how to change the name?

When companies develop WeChat mini programs, what techniques and methods do they have for names?

Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for mini program development companies to create WeChat mini programs exclusive to the enterprise and attract traffic to the enterprise through WeChat mini programs. If you are a new merchant and want to stand out among many peers, you must think carefully about the name of your mini program.

Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce you to some, what are the techniques for naming WeChat mini programs and how to change the name?

For enterprises, a good name can not only leave a deep impression on users, but also have a relatively good search ranking in WeChat, making it easier to be searched and discovered by users.

Mini program development company: What are the techniques for naming WeChat mini programs and how to change the name?

The WeChat applet has an attractive name

The WeChat platform has regulations. The name of a WeChat applet is composed of Chinese, English and numbers. The length is generally between 4-30 characters, and one Chinese character is equal to 2 characters. Although this is the case, the name should not be too long. And it needs to be as simple as possible, preferably 2-6 words, which is easy for users to remember and will be more attractive to users.

1. Keyword naming method can be used: Don’t blindly follow trends when choosing a name. You need to choose keywords based on your own brand and product positioning to choose a name.

2. You can use pure English + numbers: When choosing a name, it needs to be simple and easy for users to remember; of course, if the company has its own official account, then the name of the official account It should be consistent with the name of the mini program to better enhance the brand effect.

3. You can choose some personalized names or familiar idioms: You also need to make choices based on the corporate brand or the positioning of corporate products. This not only highlights the meaning of the mini program name, but also facilitates the promotion of the company’s products and attracts users’ attention.

How to rename WeChat mini program

If the company’s WeChat mini program has been developed, but the mini program has a less than ideal name, don’t worry. After all, no matter what platform it is, the name can be modified, and the mini program has personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs. Mini programs also have different renaming methods.

1. How to rename personal mini program

Personal mini programs have the opportunity to change their name twice a year.

Go to the WeChat public platform, log in to your mini program account, click Settings – Basic Settings – Mini Program Name, and click Modify. Although the administrator is required to scan the QR code for verification, you can modify the name after the verification is passed.

2. How to rename the enterprise mini program

The renaming of an enterprise mini program is similar to the renaming of a personal mini program, but the enterprise needs to re-certify the WeChat mini program, fill in relevant information as required, and pay a certification fee; similarly, the enterprise mini program also has two name changes before it is released. opportunity, it must be modified according to the above certification method after release.

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