Functions of online potted plant applet development

Original title: Functions of online potted plant applet development

Nowadays, everyone advocates a healthy and green lifestyle. More and more people are starting to plant flowers and plants, which not only beautify the environment but also purify the air. However, many people do not know how to grow flowers, and their beloved flowers do not grow long. Time has withered. The development of the online potted plant app allows users to learn more knowledge and skills in professional flower planting.

Next, let’s introduce the functions of the online potted plant applet.

Function of online potted plant applet development

Functions of the Potted Plant applet:

1: Potted plant display

The homepage of the Potted Plants Mini Program is a display of potted plants, which can show users a variety of potted plants. Users can select their favorite potted plant products on the homepage for understanding and consultation.

2: Potted plant knowledge

The Potted Plants applet will share knowledge about planting various potted plants every day, and can provide users with comprehensive maintenance guidelines, such as watering duration, sunlight, soil and other information. Users do not need to look up information. They can use the applet to Plants are well maintained.

3: Online reminder

Some potted plants need to be watered regularly. Planters often forget to water the plants, causing the plants to grow poorly. The Potted Plants applet is equipped with a reminder function. When the time is reached, the user will be reminded online to water, which is very convenient.

4: Community service

The community service of the Bonsai Mini Program provides users with a platform for planting and communication, where users can publish information about potted plants and share their experience in growing potted plants with other users.

Function of online potted plant applet development

The development of the online potted plant mini program can allow offline stores to connect to online business, create an efficient product display and information dissemination platform, effectively improve the level of publicity, reduce promotion costs, increase sales opportunities, and increase order volume.

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