Can enterprises develop WeChat mini programs to solve traffic acquisition problems?

The important reason why the “dark horse” of mini programs suddenly broke out of the Internet platform is mainly because it can truly “simplify” the user experience. Therefore, more companies are optimistic about its commercial value. So far, companies want to It is very difficult to “share a piece of the pie” in the Internet market. The traffic dividend has long passed, so even if you join the major platforms, you cannot solve the problem of obtaining traffic. So, can companies choose to develop small programs to solve the problem of obtaining traffic?

The following editor will introduce it in detail.

Can enterprises develop WeChat mini programs to solve traffic acquisition problems?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Only by catering to the existing market can we obtain traffic.

This also starts with the existing Chinese market. Since its development in 2000, it has begun a major transformation. It is not difficult to find that traditional enterprises have developed their business through offline or a small amount of online integration before. However, it is obviously not applicable in the existing market conditions. The existing Internet market is “updated” every day, and mini programs are also part of the update. If you want to cater to the existing market trends, you can effectively obtain traffic. Choosing to develop small programs is beneficial and harmless to the enterprise.

2. Easily connect with customers and promote corporate reputation

For enterprises, the annual investment in increasing brand awareness may not be considered to be too small. The development of small programs can be analyzed from two aspects. First, it can reduce the cost of brand promotion. Instead, it increases brand reputation, and can more easily connect with online customers through the mini program, and then realize the conversion process. This is very convenient and efficient, and after increasing the effect of corporate brand promotion, it can bring The incoming customer traffic cannot be underestimated, and it can also add value to the enterprise.

3. Cover a large number of users and create a closed-loop ecosystem

Of course, the key for many well-known companies to develop small programs is to be able to use the entire product of the WeChat platform to create a closed-loop ecosystem, covering a large number of users to solve the problem of obtaining traffic. The same is true for the content operation of WeChat official accounts to attract fans. Solve the traffic problem and also create exposure opportunities for enterprises in the circle of friends. As long as all these “points” are combined, it is a very good closed-loop ecological structure. For enterprises, user traffic acquisition is stable and users It is sticky and the transformation is stable.

To sum up, the editor believes that companies need the mini program platform to cater to the existing Internet market conditions, so that they can tap potential customers. If the operation effect is good after going online, it can also add value to the reputation of their own company. Quite a few.

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