• How to stabilize user retention in WeChat mini program community operations?

    As of 2021, although more and more merchants and companies have settled in WeChat mini programs, this also means that the competitiveness is beginning to become stronger, and merchants need to focus more on “operation”. Once the mini programs operate better, Then the more opponents that can be defeated, the commercial profits obtained from them will increase accordingly. If you want to stand out during the operation period, you must have a community to stabilize user retention. Today I will talk about it. Let’s talk about how to stabilize user…

  • How can social e-commerce mini programs meet user needs?

    Under the existing operating platform of traditional e-commerce, social networking is undoubtedly one of the “shortcomings”. For example, Maomao and Dongdong generate order conversions through users actively searching for “rigid demand products” on the platform. However, due to the random More and more businesses are settling in. The battle for traffic among peers is extremely fierce. How does the social e-commerce concept, which is favored by e-commerce giants, satisfy user needs on mini programs and achieve order conversion? The editor below will answer the question based on my own analysis…

  • Sharing of customized development solutions for online car-hailing app software

    The rapid development of mobile Internet has promoted the emergence of various mobile phones with APP. Especially for consumers, the traditional travel habits of APP cabins have changed. Going online to become a taxi is convenient and time-saving. Online car-hailing APP custom development companies need user terminals, driver terminals and management system platforms. What functions do we need to carry out each? Here the editor will share it with you in detail, hoping to help everyone. Introduction to the functions of the client Positioning function: Users can recommend vehicles as…

  • What functions should be included in developing a bus query applet?

    What functions should be included in the development of the bus query applet With the continuous development of society and the Internet, taking the bus is one of our travel tools. Before we take the bus, we usually check our travel route and how long it will take for the bus we want to take to arrive at the site. Generally, we You can use the bus inquiry app to check these. So what functions should be included in developing a bus query applet? 1. Positioning query After opening the…

  • Shanghai website optimization-how to operate and promote the website after it is built

    How to operate and optimize the new website? Some friends asked me how to operate and promote the website after it is built. Today I will tell you some key points in operation and promotion. I believe that building a website is mainly for the company to get more business and increase the company’s performance and brand awareness. Website operation refers to all work related to the later operation and management of the website in order to improve the efficiency of the website in serving users. Website promotion is the…

  • APP operation, these indicators have important reference value

    In today’s era of rapid development of the Internet, APPs developed by enterprises have become a new way of promotion and marketing, and APP operation is also essential. And how to run an APP well? How can you retain customers after promoting your products? This is something that an operator needs to think about and study carefully! APP operation, these indicators have important reference value 1. Number of real users Data can speak, but data can also deceive people! When operating an APP, you should be more concerned about the…

  • What are some practical methods for APP operators to retain users?

    What are some practical methods for APP operations to retain users In-app activity push Activity push and content push are actually the same! Push existing activities to achieve the purpose of user activation and retention! APP application activities require the use of third-party tools and the activity SDK to capture the user’s basic attributes, such as gender, region, etc. You can trigger targeted activities for different users to achieve accurate push and avoid user churn; APP adds user check-in function; Daily check-ins by users can effectively drive user activity and…

  • How website optimization improves the user experience of corporate websites

    Today’s website user experience is becoming more and more important to corporate websites. How to improve the website user experience is a key link in optimization and promotion. If the loading speed of the corporate website is too slow, it is not conducive to the website user experience, resulting in user bounce rate increase, leading to the loss of website traffic. Then Website optimization how to improve the loading speed of the corporate website and enhance the user experience, the professional website optimization service provider Xinli Information Technology will summarize…

  • What is the difference between WeChat openid and unionid?

    The difference between openid and unionid OpenID: The identification of ordinary users, unique to the current developer account. An openid corresponds to an official account. UnionID: User unified ID. For applications under a WeChat open platform account, the unionid of the same user is unique. Developers can obtain basic user information through OpenID. In particular, if the developer has multiple mobile applications, website applications and public accounts, the uniqueness of the user can be distinguished by obtaining the unionid in the user’s basic information, because as long as the mobile…