In APP development, what kind of APP development design is considered a qualified design?

In the current era of smartphones, app application development has become a development trend and is gradually changing all aspects of people’s lives.

Many app application designs are very similar, almost made from the same template, and the design experience is not very satisfactory.

In APP development, what kind of APP development design is considered a qualified design?
APP development and design

So, in APP development, what kind of APP development design is considered a qualified design?

1. APP application design concept should be concise

Due to mobile devices, try to keep the app design as simple as possible. Don’t put gorgeous graphics or other information unless necessary to attract users. The information needs to be clear at a glance, not obscure, or misleading.

2. APP designUnique creativity

If the app you design is too old, it will be difficult for users to leave an impression on your design. If there is a similar app design, then you need to think more about it, strive to go beyond it, and have some unique optimized designs to position the app so that users will Like to use new things.

3. APP application requirementsConfirmation, first draft of APP designComplete

Based on the information compiled previously, we began to design the basic product functions, including mobile usage scenarios, buttons, display text, etc. And use the human-machine interface guide diagram of the mobile device to locate its own app application software, summarize and discuss the various requirements proposed, and design the ADS.

4. Continuously test and confirm the APP design work

“High-fidelity prototype refers to”: based on the low-fidelity prototype, detailed modifications are made. “Low-fidelity prototype” means: using prototyping tools to put the sketch on the computer, try to use black and white, rough lines to design, and don’t worry about details. After the high-fidelity prototype is completed, it is time to carry out visual design to make the app design interface as close as possible to the style that users are familiar with or like. App application design advocates a graphical interface with texture and simulation. You can put a lot of effort into color matching and icons.

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