• Can enterprises develop WeChat mini programs to solve traffic acquisition problems?

    The important reason why the “dark horse” of mini programs suddenly broke out of the Internet platform is mainly because it can truly “simplify” the user experience. Therefore, more companies are optimistic about its commercial value. So far, companies want to It is very difficult to “share a piece of the pie” in the Internet market. The traffic dividend has long passed, so even if you join the major platforms, you cannot solve the problem of obtaining traffic. So, can companies choose to develop small programs to solve the problem…

  • Two good ways to attract traffic to corporate websites

    What are the ways to attract traffic to corporate websites? You may not know what traffic is. The traffic of a website means that users can see the website open and browse on different platforms, and it brings more exposure opportunities to the website. Enterprises can find content that meets their needs. supplier. There are many ways to attract traffic to websites, some of which are not effective, some of which are average, and some of which are obvious. Share two ways to attract traffic, you can refer to it!…

  • What is private domain traffic? How to build your own private domain traffic?

    What is private domain traffic? How to build your own private domain traffic?When it comes to “private domain traffic pool”, everyone’s understanding is different. Some people understand it as a new traffic method, and some people understand it as a user pool.In fact, if you really want to define the “private domain traffic pool”: then its essence is not traffic, but the refined operation of users. The users in the private domain traffic pool can be used repeatedly by themselves and can be reached for free. These users are accumulated…

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  • The development status and trend of NFT

    Since the second half of last year, we can see a large number of traditional giants: such as Time Magazine, Nike, etc., as well as performing arts stars such as Jay Chou, etc. have issued their own NFT. This shows that subjects in the traditional field, especially those with their own traffic and IP (whether companies or individuals) have begun to pay attention to the out-of-circle effect of NFT, and are also aware of this The out-of-circle effect can further consolidate or even expand one’s influence. The NFTs issued by…

  • How does an enterprise establish private domain traffic?

    At present, as the penetration rate of the Internet is getting higher and higher, almost everyone will browse products, purchase and experience online, so for enterprises, doing online marketing is no longer a question of whether to do it, but a question of how to do it good question. For many companies, they will sell their products on Taobao, Tmall, and other platforms. This way of marketing on other platforms can use the traffic of the platform to bring transactions for themselves. However, with the intensification of competition, the…

  • How can enterprises and brands transfer public domain traffic to private domain traffic?

    In recent years, the concept of private domain traffic has been continuously raised, but many details about private domain traffic are actually not well understood. Today, Xinli Information Technology will talk to you aboutWhat is private domain traffic? How can enterprises and brands transfer public domain traffic to private domain traffic? What is private domain traffic? Public domain traffic and private domain traffic, as the name implies, are the difference between active users in the public domain and active users in the private domain. Our common online public domain traffic,…