Development costs and function introduction of Douyin mini program

Original title: Introduction to the development costs and functions of Douyin Mini Program

As Douyin has become popular in recent years, in order to cooperate with merchants to attract traffic and sell goods for marketing, Douyin mini programs have also emerged.

So many people will have questions, what are the outstanding performances of the Douyin mini program?

And how much does it cost to develop a Douyin mini program?

Development costs and function introduction of Douyin mini program

First, let me tell you about the applicable industries and basic functions of the Douyin mini program:

1. Applicable industries

Douyin’s user groups basically cover all industries, so basically every industry can use Douyin mini programs to develop potential customers.

2. Applicable scenarios

Short video delivery, corporate marketing, knowledge monetization, service appointment, attracting customers

3. Function support

A. E-commerce mall, online mall helps product e-commerce merchants manage their online stores in one stop;

B. The company’s official website uses a combination of text, pictures and videos to comprehensively display the company’s image;

C. Big data functions, online customer service chat, customer data management, AI radar functions, etc.;

D. Mini games, brand new game applications that can be used without downloading and installing;

4. Reference price

The development method of Douyin mini program is nothing more than template development and customized development. The price of template development is around several hundred to several thousand, while the price of customized development is around several thousand to tens of thousands.

The advantages of template development are cheap price, short development cycle and high feasibility.

The disadvantage is that customers cannot obtain the source code, perform functional modifications and secondary upgrades, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise;

The advantages of custom development are high security, strong moldability, good user experience, and good compatibility.

The disadvantage is that the cost of custom development is higher and the development cycle is longer.

As for which development method to adopt, it depends on the specific analysis of specific needs.

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