Shanghai Software Development-What is the difference between a mini program and an APP?

Distribution system applet development丨What is the difference between applet and app?

What is the difference between a mini program and an APP?

Shanghai Software Development-What is the difference between a mini program and an APP?
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1. Risk-Compatibility Issues

This is a problem that few people talk about, and it is also a point that many people ignore. For the same needs, if you find a software company to make small programs and APPs, when they are delivered, the small programs must have fewer bugs than the APPs. The reason is that they are compatible Sexual issues.

Think about it this way, an APP is released to different models of mobile phones to run. A software company will not buy so many models of mobile phones for testing. If you are more conscientious, you may find a company that specializes in testing. Who do you think should bear the cost of these tests?

Mini programs are different. They are run based on mainstream platforms. For example, the Douyin mini program only needs to be suitable for running on Douyin.

2. Cost-Design Cost

This is an issue that everyone is more concerned about.

The cost of a mini program is lower than that of an APP. The reason is very simple because it requires less manpower. A mini program requires two types of work, one is an H5 front-end programmer and the other is a back-end programmer.

There are slightly more people involved in the APP. There are at least three of them, one is an Android engineer, one is an Apple engineer, and one is a back-end programmer.

The salary of Android and Apple engineers is higher than that of H5 front-end programmers.

3. Functional limitations

Mini programs have more restrictions than apps. It’s like whether you have more freedom in an office building or on the prairie.

4. Promotion Cost

Some people will say that mini programs do not require downloading or installation, and their promotion costs will be lower than APPs. Mini programs do not require downloading and installation, and mini programs are easy to promote, but it does not mean that they will become popular easily.

Some APPs are more popular than mini-programs, and the factors that affect the cost of promotion are definitely not something that can be solved by just one product form. They also depend on your needs, the operational capabilities of the user scenario, and the resource capabilities.

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