• An essential tool for mastering entertainment information: Entertainment WeChat Mini Program

    With the development of science and technology, people’s lifestyles are also constantly changing. In this era of information explosion, we need a convenient and efficient tool to obtain all kinds of information. The WeChat applet is such a powerful tool that can help us easily obtain entertainment information. Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some of the main functions of the entertainment information WeChat applet, allowing you to understand the latest entertainment trends anytime and anywhere. 1. Real-time push The biggest feature of the entertainment…

  • What are the functions of the News and Information WeChat Mini Program?

    With the rapid development of mobile Internet, WeChat mini programs have become an important way for people to obtain information, services and life. Especially in the field of news and information, WeChat mini programs provide users with a convenient and fast way to obtain information. Then, professional small program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some, what are the functions of the news and information WeChat applet? 1. Personalized recommendation function Through big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, the news and information WeChat mini program can recommend…

  • What are the functions and advantages of insurance app development?

    I believe everyone is familiar with insurance. For example, we have medical insurance, car insurance, commercial insurance, etc. in our lives. However, there are many problems with the traditional insurance model. Due to the lack of insurance awareness, it is easy to fail to take out insurance and have three-no problems, making it impossible for the insurance company to obtain compensation. In order to solve these problems, insurance APP software development came into being. The development of insurance APPs has provided great convenience to people’s lives. In the past, people…

  • Which type of news information app is better to develop?

    Which type of news information app development is better? I believe everyone has seen a lot of news and information applications. For example, Yidian News, Toutiao and other related apps are all news and information applications. So, how can we develop a news and information mini program for WeChat Mini Program? Which type is better? What types of news do you generally read online? Graphics, text, pictures, videos, and live broadcasts are probably these types. If you want to develop news information for WeChat applet, you need to understand what…

  • What functions are needed to develop an employee shift management applet?

    Nowadays, many factories or enterprise positions implement a scheduling system, which makes full and reasonable use of human resources through scheduling. In order to better promote layout management, employee shift management applet is currently a popular form of mobile Internet office. Employee shift management applet development function 1. Employee registration: Register an account with your mobile phone number, fill in your job number, position information, contact information and other personal information to facilitate communication between managers and employees. 2. Employee shift application: After applying through employee shift management, you can…

  • Virtual World: The Relationship between Blockchain and Metaverse

    In recent years, some people believe that the Metaverse is a new market and a new direction that can lead to many creations and innovations. It will bring about huge changes in the current business operation model, or it can improve production efficiency, and even make people’s lives more convenient. , is more technological and virtual, expands the penetration of real-life experience technology, provides digital twin technology generation as a mirror of the real world, network chain virtual construction technology, economic technology, social technology, positioning technology, etc. What role does…

  • Internet: Introduction to the Development Process of WEB

    Whether the company is a news outlet like NBC or CNN, or a well-known brand like McDonald’s, every company quickly builds a website that conveys information to the public. A website is an entity created and owned by an enterprise. It mainly provides static data, and its data is controlled and managed by the enterprise, while information flows outward to website users. Web 1.0: The Static Internet The first iteration of the public internet was the website era. At that time, almost every company needed to build a portal, and…

  • What are the actual application scenarios of blockchain now?

    Practical application scenarios of blockchain At present, the most widespread and successful application of blockchain technology is the digital currency represented by Bitcoin. In addition, there are some other practical application scenarios. The actual application scenarios of blockchain now include: 1. Pain points of traditional information sharing Either the information is released and distributed uniformly through a center, or the accounts are reconciled in batches regularly (typically once a day). For information sharing that requires timeliness, it is difficult to achieve real-time sharing. The two parties sharing information lack a…

  • What is blockchain? Basic concepts and principles of blockchain technology

    Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, information cannot be tampered with, information is transparent and can be jointly maintained. The basic concepts and principles of blockchain technology will be explained below. 1. Blockchain concept Blockchain can use cryptography to concatenate and protect concatenated transaction records (also known as blocks) of content. In the blockchain, the content of the block is difficult to tamper with. Each block contains the encrypted hash of the previous block, the corresponding timestamp, and transaction data (usually represented by a hash value calculated by a…

  • What is KOL promotion, and what are the characteristics of KOL?

    What does KOL mean? Key Opinion Leader (KOL for short) is a concept in marketing, usually defined as having more and more accurate product information, being accepted or trusted by relevant groups, and having influence on the purchasing behavior of this group. people with greater influence. In terms of marketing, experts or authorities who promote various manufacturers are called “key opinion leaders”, which are usually defined as: having more and more accurate product information, and being accepted or trusted by relevant groups, and having a strong influence on the group…

  • Promotion of information flow advertising in Shanghai: How can information flow advertising be creative to attract users?

    Information flow advertising promotion refers to social media, information media, orAdvertisements in streams of audiovisual media content. The forms of information flow advertisements include pictures, graphics, videos, etc., which are characterized by algorithm recommendation and native experience. Targeted delivery can be carried out through tags, and you can choose push exposure, landing page or app download according to your needs. The final effect depends on Creativity + orientation + bidding three key factors. Xinli Information Technology is here to chat with you today: How can news feed ads be creative…