• How traditional enterprises can flexibly use WeChat mini programs

    The “online + offline” advantages presented by WeChat mini programs have a great impact on traditional enterprises or offline stores. If you are an offline traditional catering enterprise, it is time to develop an ordering system. Mini programs can effectively improve the efficiency of ordering. Users only need to scan the mini program code to place orders and pay online, and through the recommended content of the official account, users are attracted to come and make consumption again, so that online and offline The combination of it can easily bring…

  • Why does the relationship between mini programs and traditional e-commerce point to “reshaping”?

    Since the advent of Mini Programs, Tencent has made improvements to the WeChat ecological environment in recent years. From marketing functions to the addition of video accounts and live broadcast components, the WeChat platform has become more and more diverse and can form a “closed” platform. The sales environment makes it difficult for users to jump out when browsing WeChat. So why does the relationship between mini programs and traditional e-commerce point to “reshaping”? The inevitable product of the times Every era has its own particularly outstanding products. If the…

  • The development status and trend of NFT

    Since the second half of last year, we can see a large number of traditional giants: such as Time Magazine, Nike, etc., as well as performing arts stars such as Jay Chou, etc. have issued their own NFT. This shows that subjects in the traditional field, especially those with their own traffic and IP (whether companies or individuals) have begun to pay attention to the out-of-circle effect of NFT, and are also aware of this The out-of-circle effect can further consolidate or even expand one’s influence. The NFTs issued by…