Introduction to WeChat Mini Program Custom Development Quotation Plan

How much does it cost to make a WeChat mini program? It mainly depends on your needs. It generally involves the following expenses.

Introduction to WeChat Mini Program Custom Development Quotation Plan
WeChat Mini Program

1. Fixed fee: Certification fee: 300 yuan/year, server fee: cloud development (mini program comes with cloud development function), cloud host (choose the configuration according to your actual situation, the minimum configuration reference price is about 500 yuan/year), Domain name, https certificate (mini program must install https certificate, https certificates are free or paid, depending on your actual situation, server rental fees, database maintenance fees, etc. Minimum fixed fee: 300 yuan (certification fee) + 500 yuan (low server configuration) + 100 yuan (domain name fee) = 850 yuan/year

2. Development costs: It is difficult to have a unified standard for the development costs of WeChat mini programs. It mainly depends on the needs of customers, functional requirements and page design. Generally, the development of WeChat mini programs must go through the following stages: Requirements Adjustment, strategic positioning, interaction design, creative design, front-end development, technology development, testing and modification, and online operation. Each stage requires personnel to undertake the corresponding work. For a product, two employees are generally required.

Product: Mainly responsible for demand adjustment, strategic positioning, etc., including product usage processes, logical relationships, etc.

Design: Mainly responsible for interaction design, creative design, etc., to make the product more beautiful, improve user experience, and cooperate with programmers to cut pictures and other work.

Program: Mainly responsible for specific development work, usually client development and server development.

Testing: Mainly responsible for product testing. Only after the test passes can it be launched online.

3. You may think that the above costs are relatively high. In fact, in many cases, we do not need to customize the development ourselves. Nowadays, third-party customized development platforms have become the ideal choice for many corporate merchants.

There are four development models on the market, namely: Enterprise version mini program. The enterprise version mini program mainly displays the company’s advantages, products, services, cooperative customers, etc. The development of the mall version of the mini program has relatively high requirements on functions and page design, and the relative cost is relatively high. The specifics depend on the number of functions you require for the mall.

It mainly displays products and brands, online purchases, offline reservations, big data statistical analysis, WeChat marketing, membership card and points management functions, etc.

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