What aspects should be paid attention to when developing short video mini programs?

What key points should be focused on when developing short video applets

I believe everyone has watched Douyin. If you have nothing to do, you can learn about the latest fashion trends in just a few minutes. There are also short videos like Tencent Weishi, Kuaishou, etc., and even some large platforms have begun to launch short video columns. , from this we can see that although short videos are very popular now, there are also many short video platforms. If companies want to develop short video applets, what key points should they focus on.

What aspects should be paid attention to when developing short video mini programs?
Short video applet

1. Product positioning must be done well before development. If the short video function is the focus, the development of short video mini programs requires more careful creation of every link. It requires a professional technical team to carefully build it. Of course, it must be based on the actual situation. Only through precise positioning can you stand out in the short video market.

2. Define your channel classification so that the classification is clear at a glance, ensuring that users can quickly find the content they want. You can also regularly hold discussions on hot topics within the category to attract users to post relevant videos on the topic, so as to increase the chance of becoming popular and activate users, giving users a more sense of participation, and at the same time, it is also conducive to large-scale theme marketing.

3. It is necessary to clarify your own reward mechanism. Only a clear reward mechanism can prompt a large number of short video bloggers to update video materials, and high-quality short video materials are the core content of short video mini programs and the most important thing to attract users. a little. You can link the playback, reprint, and share counts of each video with the final revenue. Short video bloggers will pay more attention to the output of video content, the update of materials, the improvement of creativity, etc., so as to attract more user.

The future development trend of short videos cannot be underestimated. It is very worthwhile for us to develop a short video mini program through a mini program development company.

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