Development of agricultural adoption applet

Original title: Development of Agricultural Adoption Mini Program

As the country vigorously advocates the development of “Internet + Agriculture” in recent years, the adopt-agriculture model has also begun to enter the public eye.

The adoption agriculture model is where consumers prepay production costs, and producers provide consumers with green and organic food. Both parties establish a production method in which risks and benefits are shared.

Agricultural Adoption Mini Program Development

Through the mobile app, adopters can monitor their fields 24 hours a day on their mobile phones and monitor the conditions of the fields in real time. At the same time, adopters can also donate their agricultural products to relatives and friends. The adoption rate has also been increased through the promotion of online platforms and online malls.

So what are the functions of the Adoption Mini Program?

Agricultural Adoption Mini Program Development

Crop display

If users want to adopt agricultural products, they need to choose suitable crops for adoption. The mini program will display some common crop information for users, providing a certain reference for users to choose.

poultry feeding

After users adopt their favorite poultry, they can feed and name them through the mini program client.

Agricultural Adoption Mini Program Development

Users share online

In order to promote users’ online socialization, the mini program also supports users to invite friends to participate in crop adoption activities to improve the development of offline agriculture.

Agricultural Adoption Mini Program Development

crop status

Once the user adopts the product successfully, the mini program will show the user the growth status of the crops, and the merchant will also live broadcast the growth of the crops for users to browse. During the harvest season, users can go offline to pick relevant crops.

Delivery service

When it comes to receiving the goods, if the user is busy and has no time to pick, he can choose the delivery service.

Agricultural Adoption Mini Program Development

We quickly construct various model architectures, which are easy to operate, low in development costs, and easy to maintain. Directly entering the mini program through the WeChat platform can seamlessly connect users from WeChat to the mini program. Leverage WeChat user stickiness to increase user usage. Taking advantage of the huge social relationships and easy promotion attributes, it is convenient for the mini program to obtain traffic and attract new customers online. Direct WeChat payment improves user shopping experience.

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