How to make money with Douyin mini program?

Original title: How to make money with Douyin mini program? How to mount a small program?

I believe everyone has heard about the arrival of Douyin Mini Program. The development of Douyin Mini Program is not to develop a similar short video applet, but to develop corresponding mini programs on Douyin. So are you happy or worried about the arrival of Douyin mini program? So today the editor will bring you into the world of Douyin mini program.

How to make money with the Douyin mini program? How to mount the mini program?

I don’t know if you have noticed: there are two kinds of people in this world. One type is ordinary people who use Douyin all day long, and the other type is merchants who do promotions and seek conversions all day long.

Compared to the Douyin Mini Program, the more familiar name is probably the WeChat Mini Program. So what is the Douyin Mini Program? As the name suggests, Douyin Mini Programs can directly develop corresponding mini programs on Douyin, such as corporate promotion, online shopping malls, o2o services, etc., which can all be realized through mini programs. So what are the benefits of developing a Douyin mini program?

Take Douyin as an example. For ordinary people, it is a satisfying and interesting entertainment tool.

But in the eyes of merchants, Douyin is undoubtedly a top short video platform with great monetization capabilities.

There are two main ways to monetize mini programs. One is CPS, which means users pay to use it, and the operator can get a certain percentage of the amount.

The other is that users can use mini programs for free, but the mini programs will embed rewarded video ads. Every time an ad is viewed, the operator will receive a portion of the advertiser’s fee. This model can also be called eCPM.

Because Douyin restricted the use of payment functions for evaluation mini-programs at the end of April, most mini-program development platforms have now been replaced by eCPM.

How to make money with the Douyin mini program? How to mount the mini program?

First of all, there is a better point in monetizing Douyin mini-programs than Star Map advertising and live streaming, which is: zero threshold!

Nowadays, those who make Douyin mini-programs actually make videos that are very simple and rough compared to original short videos. But even so, a very ordinary person can earn several thousand yuan a month after becoming familiar with the process and studying for a period of time.

At present, the monetization of small programs is still in a relatively early stage. The video production level of the participants is not high, and the editing techniques are relatively simple. There is no very effective methodology to obtain stable high profits. If you want to obtain high income, the cost of luck is relatively high. In Douyin, those who can now play Star Chart ads and live broadcast products are high-quality accounts from organizations with a certain amount of accumulated resources! I am afraid that these accounts account for less than 3% in Douyin.

As a public traffic platform where content is king, the more high-quality video creators come in, the more users it will bring! Douyin can sell more ads and make more money! And the mini program just makes up for the shortcoming of these accounts having no way to monetize! You can see my income

How to make money with the Douyin mini program? How to mount the mini program?

If your Douyin account is linked to a mini program and does well, a few videos can go viral and you can get good rewards. However, it does not mean that you can just post them casually. You also need to find out how to do it!

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