What are the basic functions of pet WeChat applet development?

With its unique convenience, mini programs can attract customers quickly, retain customers and other advantages, so many businesses have embarked on the road of mini program Internet marketing. The pet market is very large in China, and pet WeChat mini program development is very popular among pet shops. Favored, more and more pet stores have developed pet mini-programs

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Pet WeChat Mini Program Development
Pet WeChat Mini Program Development

Online reservation for pet app:

When users need services, they only need to move their fingers in the mini program to complete the reservation. There is no need to queue up. When the appointed time comes, they can directly take their pets to the pet store to enjoy the service.

Pet Mini Program Mall System:

Users can find the pet products they need according to their needs, and use one-click payment after selecting them. Users can also choose to pick up the goods in the store or have them delivered by express delivery.

Pet WeChat Mini Program Development Pet WeChat Mini Program Development[/ caption]

Pet Mini Program online after-sales service:

One-to-one online after-sales consultation and pet product promotions support unified management of multiple store chains.

Real-time monitoring of pet applet:

Many pet owners feel uneasy when grooming or fostering their pets. At this time, users can check the camera system in the pet store online to check the status of their pets.

Pet app exchange forum:

You can set up a pet forum in a mini program so that users can exchange experiences in the forum and ask questions for consultation to solve problems.

Pet Mini Program Information Section:

Outputting high-quality pet knowledge and article content can better attract fans and improve retention.

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