Is the development cost of small program high?

Original title: Is it expensive to develop small programs?

There are many small program development companies on the market now, and many customers use price as the standard for comparison. However, the quotations of development companies on the market vary widely, ranging from a few hundred yuan to hundreds of thousands. This also confuses many customers who want to do small programs. How much does it cost to develop a small program?

Before understanding the specific price of mini program development, we first understand the model of mini program development so that we can know the cost of mini program.

Is the development cost of small program high?

Currently, there are two main types of mini program development methods: customized development and templated development.

1. Customized development

To put it bluntly, custom development means building a website from scratch based on customer needs. The personnel development process of the entire project is: product manager, UI designer, front-end, and back-end personnel. If the average monthly salary per person is 10,000, from project formulation to website It takes one month to go online, so the cost investment is 40,000. If the functional requirements are more complex, the cost may be more expensive.

In addition, apart from the labor cost, there are also basic network configuration fees required to launch the mini program, such as domain name registration and server purchase fees, and these are paid on a yearly and monthly basis. Basically, the domain name plus server (if the configuration requirements are not high) ) The cost is basically a few hundred yuan a year.

Finally, after the mini program is developed and launched, it still needs a series of personnel to support it, such as operation and maintenance, customer service, and operations, and this cost is continuous. Overall, the cost of custom development of small programs ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands.

2. Template development

If the customer does not have a large budget or technical experience, they can use template development. There are many web development companies on the market that provide template development.

So what is template development? Generally speaking, it is a set of common templates developed by a third-party small program development company that can be reused. Customers can choose one of a series of templates provided by the development company for development, and the customer only needs to pay a small fee. . Because the development cycle of template websites is short, the scalability is low, and the design is simple, the cost generally ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand.

In addition, software service providers provide infrastructure such as server configuration, domain name registration, and SMS services, as well as a series of supporting services such as operation and maintenance, after-sales, and operations. For corporate merchants, it is more worry-free and labor-saving to choose template development.

However, there are also some development companies that claim to be free, such as providing free mini program templates. This needs to be carefully considered. The operation of a company requires costs, and it is not doing charity.

In fact, before doing small program development, the development price is only one of the considerations. You also need to comprehensively consider the company’s strength, technical team, etc., and whether the company is purely selling software or really providing services.

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