• Can I develop a mobile APP with a few hundred yuan?

    A customer told us a short story before. He learned about a person who developed mobile APPs for cheap somewhere on the Internet, and then communicated with him very smoothly. After-sales service, quality assurance, etc. were all promised. No problem going up there. But when the payment was made, it was said to be a WeChat transfer. The customer did not hesitate at all and transferred it directly. Then when he went to find the person a few days later, he found that he had been blocked, and there were…

  • What should you pay attention to when choosing a software development company?

    In the software development market in Shanghai, there are many development companies, there are many choices, but if there are too many choices, problems will naturally arise. What problems should we pay attention to when choosing a software development company? Next, I will share it with you to avoid detours when you choose. 1. Do things with integrity and reliability Whether it is a person or a company, the most important thing is to do things reliably, which is also the first consideration in the selection process, otherwise there will…

  • How to play digital collection? How is it going?

    After opening the digital door, digital collections have also become the focus of most attention. These are roughly divided into two factions, one of which is to wait and see. Generally speaking, this kind of people is interested in the prospect of digital development. As an emerging industry, digital products are irreplaceable in the future, and they are encrypted and safe. The guarantee is reliable, and the only thing that is unclear is whether it can be put into the market normally in the future. The other faction is the…