• Can I develop a mobile APP with a few hundred yuan?

    A customer told us a short story before. He learned about a person who developed mobile APPs for cheap somewhere on the Internet, and then communicated with him very smoothly. After-sales service, quality assurance, etc. were all promised. No problem going up there. But when the payment was made, it was said to be a WeChat transfer. The customer did not hesitate at all and transferred it directly. Then when he went to find the person a few days later, he found that he had been blocked, and there were…

  • Can developing small programs become a customer development platform?

    The marketing methods of the Internet are constantly changing with the development of the times. In 2015, when many people did not know the official account, many grassroots Vs have emerged and achieved financial freedom. Nowadays, Mini programs are undoubtedly the “new favorite” in the Internet economy, so many companies have questions. If I choose to develop a mini program, can I really become a customer expansion platform? Let’s take a look at the editor’s comprehensive analysis below. 1. Marketing upgrade Both traditional marketing and Internet marketing methods have made…

  • Why is mini program development always delayed?

    Many customers don’t understand why mini program development is always delayed? If you think about it carefully, many problems can be avoided. If you figure out how to do it and what to do from the beginning, it will be done quickly and it won’t take that long. Let me share a little story with you. It’s just simple business and customer communication. January: Mini program development project approved Customer: I want to make a mall applet. I have sent you the requirements. How long do you think it will…

  • Shared store system-Why can some people’s shared stores do well?

    Today I will talk about shared stores. Shared stores are very popular recently. I will tell you two cases. You will be deeply inspired after studying these two cases. What is the first case? There was a customer who had a local decoration master and a plumber. His customer rented a room without a water heater. It was very cold to take a shower in winter. Without saying a word, he took out a water heater and asked the master to give it to the customer. After installing it, the…