Shanghai Mini Program Development Company: Introduction to WeChat Mini Program Development Services

Mini programs are becoming more and more popular, so more and more companies and merchants have expressed their intention to develop their own mini programs. Many companies and merchants are concerned about this question during the pre-development communication stage: Which WeChat mini program development company should I look for?

Infocode Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology is a professional Shanghai mini program development company. The following is an introduction to our WeChat mini program development services.

For more information on mini program production or if you need to create a mini program, please contact Lanchang customer service for free consultation and technical support.

Shanghai Mini Program Development Company
Shanghai Mini Program Development Company

Introduction to WeChat Mini Program Development Services

1. Communicate and clarify needs Brief

First, the project manager of Infocode Lanchang Information Technology will communicate with you via phone conference, WeChat, email, or in person meeting to communicate your mini program production project needs.

Feasibility analysis of mini program projects:

After understanding the requirements in detail and completing them, we will do a project feasibility analysis for the customer: whether H5 development, website development, small program development, APP development, video post-production, VR development, etc. can achieve the results required by the customer. If the requirements raised by customers cannot be realized at the technical level, Lanchang Information Technology will provide customers with suggestions for alternative implementation suggestions, etc.

Project quotation:

Provide project development cost estimates for customers and send project quotations via email

2. Sign the contract and schedule the project TimeLine

After the legal review by both parties is completed, a contract with specific legal validity is formally signed, detailing the cooperation content, acceptance standards, and maintenance services (Note: All development projects including mini program production have free maintenance for one year)

Create a development schedule and strictly follow the project schedule

3. Prototype and scheme design of small programs

Lanchang Information Technology conducts prototype/interaction design and UI design for customers, provides a complete set of renderings Demo, and submits it to customers for confirmation. And make modifications according to the customer’s needs until the customer confirms the design draft

4. Mini program project development and progress report

The developers of Lanchang Information Technology carry out project development and report the development progress at any time

5. Mini program project testing and customer acceptance

After the project is completed, Lanchang Information Technology conducts three rounds of internal testing. The internal testing ensures that there are no problems and is submitted to the customer for testing. After the customer testing is completed, the project will be accepted by email and a special value-added tax invoice will be issued to the customer.

6. Deployment, invoicing, project operation and maintenance

After customer acceptance, we will configure the formal server environment, carry out project deployment and CDN acceleration, install traffic statistics tools, and go online.

Lanchang Information Technology will be on standby to serve online activities at any time, adjust event probability, prize data volume and other parameters at any time according to customer needs, and do a good job in traffic monitoring, database backup, security protection, etc.

WeChat Mini Program Production Technology Stack

Front end: Html + js + css

Middle platform: redis and memcache

Backend: php +nginx + mysql

Shanghai Mini Program Production
Shanghai Mini Program Production

Shanghai WeChat Mini Program Production Online Consultation

Blue Chang online customer service

About us:

Infocode Lanchang Information Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully provided high-quality services to many Fortune 500 companies and other famous brands, and is your reliable Internet development supplier.

Serving customers throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xiamen, Chongqing, Xi’an and other large and medium-sized cities and regions. We provide you with: WeChat development, H5 Development, mini program production, H5 outsourcing, H5 mall development, mini program mall development, website development outsourcing, H5 game development, mini program development outsourcing, mini program design, APP development outsourcing, UI design, SEO optimization, SEO outsourcing, video post-production and other high-quality services

Mini program production
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