• Detailed process of developing APP in Shanghai

    In the past few years, driven by the two wheels of market and policy, the APP development outsourcing industry has developed rapidly, and the trend of intelligent services has emerged. With the increasing number of core business outsourcing activities of enterprises, there are more and more APP outsourcers with professional skills, high added value, and overall solutions. The editor will take you to learn the detailed process of developing APP in Shanghai. 1. Requirements sorting: Requirements analysis is the most important link in the development process of an APP project….

  • Shanghai APP development-How to write APP development requirements document?

    We will do requirements analysis before developing an app. How to write this app development requirements document? Generally, you can start from these points: determine the goals of the APP plan, audience analysis of the APP plan, functional design of the APP plan, operating system description of the APP, whether the APP is a native APP, The visual design of the APP plan, other details in the APP development plan, etc. The following is an app development requirements document template, which clearly states the app development requirements. You can refer…

  • When outsourcing APP software development, you must pay attention to the following situations:

    APP software development outsourcing, when looking for an APP development company, you must pay attention to the following situations. Only by avoiding these pitfalls reasonably can you complete an excellent project in the shortest time, not to mention that all your efforts will not be in vain. I hope the following project experiences can help you. 1. Clarify functional requirements When Party A’s father is preparing to make an APP, he should have a clear positioning of what he will do or is preparing to do. For example, clarify the…

  • What is the specific development process of software development?

    With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the advent of the intelligent era, various industries are gradually transforming to intelligent management, which cannot be separated from software. Affected by the current epidemic, many companies are struggling on the verge of life and death, and software companies are no exception. There are many software companies, and different software companies have different research and development strengths and focus on development services. How can I select the company that suits me from many software companies? What is the specific development process…

  • What are the precautions for small program development?

    Now that small programs are a new trend of mobile applications, more and more companies have begun to develop their own small program applications. Customers will consult with small program development companies if they have needs. Some customers know a little about software development, and the communication is relatively smooth. So, what are some precautions for small program development? 1. Requirements sorting Customers know that they want to make a software, and they also know the goals they want to achieve, but it is not clear what the software will…