Why are mini programs preferred for community group buying models?

In the past two years, the “commercial war” of community group buying can be said to be fierce. After all, from a market perspective, fresh vegetables are the first choice necessities of consumers in life, that is, high-frequency rigid needs, and mini programs are entering this huge market. The platform in the “track” can achieve the lowest cost and high returns, so it has also introduced many merchants into the community group buying mini-program operating model. In particular, it is not difficult to find that now everyone from Meituan to Chengxin is basically choosing We use the platform of mini programs to develop, so why do we “only love” mini programs?

Why are mini programs preferred for community group buying models?
Community group buying

Mini program-easy to manage

There is a very good management system in the mini program. Merchants only need to use the backend to carry out detailed management of distributors, agents, ordinary merchants, etc., and can also realize product data, user data, agents, etc. through the backend of the mini program. Classified management of business data and various order data has greatly effectively improved the efficiency of merchants in managing offline stores, thereby increasing the conversion rate of product orders.

Mini program-easy to operate

Mini programs also have a variety of marketing methods to help merchants operate, such as the more common gameplay methods of group buying, flash sales, bargaining, commission distribution, 0 yuan purchase, etc., which can promote consumer activity and allow merchants to take advantage of Mini programs can obtain more user traffic and orders, achieving low-cost marketing and high-return conversion effects. This is the main reason why many e-commerce giants also need to join mini programs.

Mini Program-Easy Touch

Many mini programs are built on other platforms. Take WeChat mini programs as an example. WeChat’s own user traffic guarantee and the way to link public accounts to subscribe to messages can help merchants not only remind users of activities, but also The optimized operating model of community group buying makes it easier to reach users than app mini-programs, and through the subscription reminder of WeChat mini-programs, merchants can immediately receive order information from users on WeChat, which is more conducive to convenient management and operations.

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