What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom developed mini programs?

Original title: What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom developed mini programs

Nowadays, many companies have the need to develop small programs, but they are entangled in choosing mature products and custom-developed small programs. Mature products are cheap, but they require an annual payment, while custom-developed small programs are The cost is high, but it can realize all the logical functions that the enterprise wants, so enterprises struggle more with this issue. So what are the specific differences between mature template applets and customized applets? Today we will introduce this article to you.

What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom-developed mini programs

The first thing I want to talk about is the price issue. The editor tells you that the cost of many template applets is now lower than that of custom development. If you just want to try something new, then template applets are a good choice because the price is indeed relatively cheap. And if you want to make your own product, then custom development is better. Moreover, custom-developed mini programs only need to renew the server in the future, unlike template mini programs that require a large sum of money to be renewed every year.

What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom-developed mini programs

Another advantage of custom-developed mini programs is that the code is on your own server. The code is very important to the mini program. If the code is on someone else’s server, then if someone else’s server stops renewing, or someone else’s company If it is not opened, then the mini program cannot be used. If it is customized development, the code of the mini program is on its own server, so there is no need to worry about this problem. Therefore, most companies now purchase their own servers, which can ensure the safe operation of the mini program to the greatest extent.

What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom-developed mini programs

Moreover, custom-developed mini programs have another advantage, that is, they can be re-opened later. Mature template mini programs cannot be re-opened, because mature mini programs are systematic and provide the same functions to every customer. What can be adjusted may only be part of the page. Unless the platform itself updates the function, customers cannot develop it again. Custom development provides code, and if you want to upgrade the functions later, it is also possible. This is the advantage of custom development of small programs.

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