What are the main functions of e-commerce website development and construction?

In the Internet era, our lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes, among which shopping is one of the more influential. As e-commerce websites gradually mature, e-commerce companies are constantly studying how to work harder in the development of e-commerce websites to maintain their position in the fierce market competition. In the past, you had to go to a physical store, but now you only need to turn on your computer or mobile phone, move your fingers, and wait for a while to buy the products you like. Here the editor will share with you the main functions of e-commerce website construction.

What are the main functions of e-commerce website development and construction?
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1. Log in and register: Of course, you can view the products on this website without logging in, but you cannot buy them. This is a function that almost all websites should have.

2. Group buying field: At present, most e-commerce websites attach great importance to group buying. Products available for purchase are listed here for users to choose from discounted products.

3. Online customer service: E-commerce websites are still selling things, but there will be many problems. At this time, customer service is even more important. Any questions before or after purchase can be solved here.

4. My Orders: Here, we can see a list of all the products purchased by the user, including the price, content, time and other information of the purchased products, so as to avoid unclear purchases for the user.

5. Points Center: This is also a very important function, because the more things a user buys on this website, the more points they will have, so that they can use some points to redeem some discounts, which is quite attractive to users. .

6. Product introduction: This is mainly a drop-down list. When users move their mouse slightly, they will know exactly what all the products sold on this website are and have been categorized. Each major category will have other subcategories, which are clearly visible at a glance.

7. Shopping collection: I believe everyone who has bought something online should know this. When they see a good product, they can add it to their cart. Of course, if they end up not wanting the product, they can delete it with no impact at all.

E-commerce website development provides users with product sales services. Every e-commerce website needs a powerful order management system. In order to provide a good user experience for your e-commerce website, during the website development process, in addition to meeting the basic functions of the e-commerce website, you can also consider developing some functions that can improve user satisfaction and loyalty. For example, online order logistics tracking, order progress SMS reminders, multiple payment methods, worry-free returns, 24-hour customer service, free shipping for large items upstairs, etc. These functions can improve the user experience to a certain extent.

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