How does the medical industry operate WeChat mini programs?

In recent years, the medical and health industry has undergone earth-shaking changes in the traditional medical model with the help of WeChat mini-programs. Compared with traditional medical consultations, medicines and other medical services, patients need to go through long “queuing” to complete, which is undoubtedly a waste of time. However, with the launch of the medical health WeChat applet, it has become more convenient and faster for patients to queue up to pick up medicines, for patients to queue up to get a number, and for patients to pay bills.

How does the medical industry operate WeChat mini programs?

How does the medical industry operate WeChat mini programs?
Medical applet

Implement online registration and change the difficulty of getting a number

We all know that the registration of famous doctors in many large hospitals can be said to be “difficult to get a number.” Even if you queue up to register in the morning, you may face the situation that the number has been filled. After the medical integration of the WeChat applet, the difficulty of getting a number will be solved. Online appointment registration allows you to make an appointment in advance according to the doctor you want to register with, and you can get the doctor you want to see without queuing up for registration.

Realize online medical treatment and change the difficulty of medical treatment

In the traditional medical model, patients are required to open a medical card in the hospital. This process undoubtedly makes the patient’s medical treatment much more complicated. The medical WeChat applet simplifies the medical treatment process and can realize online card opening and offline consultation before arriving at the hospital. The process of medical treatment makes it no longer difficult for patients to go to large hospitals for medical treatment.

Realize online payment and change the slow payment process

In the traditional medical model, patients need to queue up to get medicine, get medical tests, and pay for hospitalization. This has to make patients spend a lot of time in the hospital to see a doctor. The medical WeChat applet directly solves the one-stop problem of getting medicine, For laboratory test and hospitalization payment issues, patients only need to pay the relevant fees for different service contents through the medical applet, eliminating the hassle of queuing.

Implement digital management and change efficiency is low

In the traditional medical model, doctors are often required to establish patient medical records one-on-one, which undoubtedly reduces the efficiency of doctors’ work. However, the medical WeChat applet allows patients to directly create patient files by themselves. Valid information such as medical treatment cards and local social security cards are directly connected to the hospital database, effectively improving hospital work efficiency.

In the end, it is not difficult to see that the WeChat mini program has made substantial assistance in integrating traditional medical and health care. It has not only rapidly improved the work efficiency of major hospitals, but also effectively improved the difficulty of patient treatment and other problems.

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