How can the agricultural industry operate mini programs to double profits?

How does the agricultural industry operate mini programs to double revenue?

Due to the impact of the Internet market, the traditional agricultural industry has made the original meager income situation more difficult, and it is the integration into the Internet market that will also open up the development path of new agriculture. Nowadays, many rural farmers have begun to gradually join WeChat In order to achieve the transformation of new farmers in the “team” of small programs, how should we operate agricultural e-commerce small programs to double our income and seize this dividend? The editor below introduces it in detail.

How can the agricultural industry operate mini programs to double profits?
Mini program development

Create agricultural brands and introduce warm stories of farmers

First of all, we can use the content marketing of the WeChat official account or the video function in the mini program to create brand stories of agricultural products to deepen the user’s brand impression. The introduced warm stories of farmers can be based on how to plant, the planting process, the farmers’ efforts, etc. To make users resonate emotionally, and because of the blessing of brand stories, the products sold can have more “selling points” to achieve the effect of doubling revenue.

Create high-quality services and improve and optimize service experience

Secondly, many merchants in the traditional agricultural industry do not have online sales channels, resulting in the loss of many online users. However, achieving stable online operations and conversion is not something that can be achieved in a short period of time. Through the WeChat applet, Creating agricultural sales channels and improving the entire online service process, so that agricultural products can be sold with high quality and quantity and providing corresponding after-sales services so that users can truly trust farmers and merchants is the key to long-term operations.

Social marketing operations and building private domain traffic for farmers

Finally, it is difficult to incorporate the concept of “online marketing” into many traditional agricultural sales operations, and most rely on major e-commerce platforms to achieve this. However, with the WeChat applet, the social marketing operation model can be realized, regardless of Whether it is online sales through WeChat or through various preferential agricultural product marketing activities, we can vigorously attract customers, and we can also create our own “private traffic” for farmers through the points mall and membership system, www.hsymr .com to achieve a steady stream of order operation models.

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