Shanghai software development-What should you pay attention to in APP software outsourcing development?

A company wants to develop an APP and form its own team. The team needs to be adjusted, which is costly and takes a long time. If it is a start-up project, most companies will find outsourcing companies to develop APPs, which is a wiser choice. There are many reliable software development companies in Shanghai, and there are also many unreliable ones. Here are some criteria for judging.

Shanghai software development-What should you pay attention to in APP software outsourcing development?

1. APP outsourcing development should pay attention to the quotation process

A formal software outsourcing service provider will sort out the customer’s needs in detail as soon as possible, and after sufficient communication, quote the customer based on the final software needs assessment form. .

So, can the account manager accurately analyze the needs and give customers certain suggestions? Is the software demand quotation table detailed, and are the quotations and schedules for each function reasonable? These are all things that should be considered when contacting outsourcing companies in the early stage. Only irresponsible companies will come up with direct quotations and swear promises of “lowest price”, “best deal” and other calibers. These are all to deceive customers’ trust. the means taken.

2. Typical cases of APP outsourcing development focusing on companies

Development cases are the most direct evidence that shows the strength of an outsourcing company. The quantity and quality of the cases are combined with the time when the company was established and the number of people in the company for an integrated evaluation. Most of the giants in the Internet now have the ability to build their own technical teams, so if the company is not committing fraud, then it is advisable to evaluate the strength of the company through cases and projects.

3. APP outsourcing development focuses on the background of service companies

The company background mainly depends on the core business. Some of these companies started out as operations or marketing, and later undertook software development projects. Such companies may be slightly less technical at the level. Appear weak.

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