• What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom developed mini programs?

    Original title: What are the differences between finished mini program products and custom developed mini programs Nowadays, many companies have the need to develop small programs, but they are entangled in choosing mature products and custom-developed small programs. Mature products are cheap, but they require an annual payment, while custom-developed small programs are The cost is high, but it can realize all the logical functions that the enterprise wants, so enterprises struggle more with this issue. So what are the specific differences between mature template applets and customized applets? Today…

  • What are the main functions of e-commerce website development and construction?

    In the Internet era, our lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes, among which shopping is one of the more influential. As e-commerce websites gradually mature, e-commerce companies are constantly studying how to work harder in the development of e-commerce websites to maintain their position in the fierce market competition. In the past, you had to go to a physical store, but now you only need to turn on your computer or mobile phone, move your fingers, and wait for a while to buy the products you like. Here the editor will…

  • How should the development of maternal and infant mini programs quickly attract traffic and achieve conversion?

    How can maternal and infant companies quickly explode into the market through mini-program mall development? Children are the hope of a country. Whether at home or abroad, the maternal and infant market is always one of the markets that receives the most attention and attention. After the introduction of the second-child policy, the demand in the maternal and infant market has gradually increased, providing greater development space for the development of maternal and infant enterprises. With the rapid development of the Internet, maternal and infant products are no longer limited…

  • Medical device app software development solutions and functions

    With the popularization of the Internet, the shortcomings of the traditional medical device business model have gradually become apparent. The entire industrial chain of the traditional medical device industry is very scattered upstream and downstream, showing the characteristics of “many, small, scattered, and chaotic”. Especially in the middle circulation link, the traditional dealer and agent model has been used for more than 20 years, with scattered channels and reliance on “relationship sales”, resulting in very low industry circulation efficiency. Under the impact of the Internet, development is particularly difficult. In…

  • What should we pay attention to when developing small programs for agricultural products?

    More and more merchants and enterprises have developed their own mini programs, including some agricultural product merchants. Nowadays, the traditional marketing model can no longer meet the pace of social development. Relying on small programs to complete the transformation is a very good choice. What should you pay attention to when developing an agricultural product applet? 1. Agricultural products mini program functions: Mini program live broadcast—during the epidemic, the live broadcast channel brought hope to many farmers, allowing people to realize the online selling function with zero contact, which not…

  • What are the product types of Mini Program Custom Development?

    At present, when many customers are considering the custom development of small programs, they will hesitate to make a software product. There are many categories of Mini Program products, but for customers, the commonly used Mini Program products are nothing more than shopping malls, services, social networking, entertainment, and consulting. Let me tell you below how to choose the type of product that suits you when customizing and developing small programs. Mall type Small program mall products are currently the products that customers will give priority to, mainly because mall…