What are the profit models for e-commerce mini program development?

Original title: What are the profit models for e-commerce mini program development?

E-commerce mini-programs simplify operating procedures compared to other platforms, providing users with a more convenient experience. The entire shopping process can save time and improve the user’s overall consumption experience. So, what are the profit models for e-commerce mini program development?

What are the profit models for the development of original e-commerce mini programs?

1. Social traffic drainage

Mini programs are attached to the social platform WeChat, so merchants can use the social model to quickly guide users to mini programs.

2. Distribution promotion

E-commerce mini program + distribution. After users share, they become distributors and recommend friends to buy through WeChat, Moments, friends, etc., or continue to develop lower-level distributors.

Attract more users to join distributors and achieve fission communication. In addition, through mini program activities, precise user groups are filtered out from the mall backend, and based on different

User tags classify groups for targeted product promotion.

3. Scenario-based marketing

Mini program + live broadcast.

Through the recently popular live broadcast method, users can intuitively understand the details of the product, render usage scenarios, emphasize the role of functions, etc., and guide users to purchase directly.

Mini program + official account.

It mainly converts users through soft articles, popular science articles and other public account articles.

Fill in high-quality content related to the product and add a link to the mini program product to guide users to click to purchase.

4. New retail solutions

Currently, many businesses are considering traditional types of transformation or how to connect online and offline. Mini programs can import offline resources into e-commerce mini programs and integrate online

Use resources to generate private domain traffic for merchants through communities or other means. This requires merchants to be user-centered and deeply understand users’ needs based on actual consumption scenarios.

request, and provide corresponding services, and provide users with accurate product promotion through the developed mini program data management and analysis module.

All in all, compared with e-commerce platforms that require annual fees or service fees, mini programs have a unique operating model and huge traffic. Mini programs have their own advantages.

Enable merchants to achieve the goal of expanding the market and obtain more traffic.

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