How can WeChat official accounts and mini programs help merchants realize advertising monetization?

How to use WeChat public accounts and mini programs to realize advertising monetization?

In the past two years, the development of WeChat mini programs has been “unprecedented”. However, although many merchants have settled on the platform, they are not very good at using the “links” with other auxiliary tools on the WeChat platform. As a result, during the operation, they found that they were not able to integrate marketing Not to mention the rapid spread of promotion, it is still impossible to make a profit, and many merchants do not know that there is such a profit method of “advertising monetization”, so what is the advertising monetization method for WeChat official accounts and mini programs?

How can WeChat official accounts and mini programs help merchants realize advertising monetization?
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WeChat public account: You need to have more than 500 fans of the public account, and you can activate a “traffic master” to insert advertisements in published articles. As long as you have the number of reads, you can realize traffic monetization, but it should be noted that merchants must carefully create Only through content operation to maintain and attract fans can the public account continue to increase and have the ability to monetize. At the same time, after being “linked” to the WeChat mini program, it can be imported into the mini program to attract traffic and acquire customers.

WeChat Mini Program: Due to the positioning of Mini Programs, there are three advertising methods: 1. Home page advertising, 2. Interstitial advertising, and 3. Video advertising. However, merchants need to pay attention to the fact that the Mini Program also needs to open a traffic master to achieve advertising. It needs to have more than 1,000 visitors in the mini program before it can be activated. This means that when there are more user traffic visitors in the mini program mall, advertising revenue will also increase.

Finally, I recommend a way to attract traffic to mini programs, that is, you can use circle of friends advertising to achieve accurate traffic drainage. For example, merchants can use their own accurate user cities, user ages, user models and other more accurate information to provide accurate traffic for small programs based on specific requirements. By advertising, it will be easier to convert and monetize mini program mall orders, and the users harvested will be more accurate.

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