Can you make money by developing information applets?

Original title: Can you make money by developing information applets?

Since the launch of mini programs, they have extended from the initial scope of e-commerce to all walks of life. For example, the popular mini programs such as “community group buying” and “ticket booking” have gradually emerged in the future, and among them, the information category Although the mini programs of APP and public accounts have the function of publishing content, they also contain other commercial values. So today I will talk about whether you can make money by developing information mini programs?

Can I make money by choosing to develop information applets?

1. Some paid content

Although information mini-programs are mainly based on content, the content can also be monetized. Many businesses will also start a “payment” model for the content from the initial free content to the subsequent classic knowledge content, thereby achieving profitability. The way to make money, but the premise is that the knowledge content must be effective knowledge to achieve better conversion. If the content is provided everywhere, users will not pay for it.

2. Mini program display charges

If you want a mini program to have a display fee, the premise is that the mini program has a strong “popularity”. When the number of visits reaches a high level, the merchant can set up a display fee service for the information mini program to increase the number of users. Merchants who rely on the traffic of your mini program for display can be included in their own mini program. This is also a relatively common profit model. In simple terms, it is a booth fee.

3. Mini programs attract offline traffic

If many merchants have offline physical stores or enterprises themselves, they will choose to develop information mini-programs for the purpose of promoting and gathering their own private domain traffic, rather than just for profit. They can use content to Drain fans to offline services, thereby creating a conversion and profit model. After all, small programs can easily target users, which can amplify offline conversions.

In fact, for mini programs, many functions have been updated one after another, and for information mini programs, they can take advantage of the trend of mini programs to “ride the wind and waves” and enter new channels of communication and publicity. This is the reason why many are optimistic about the information category. The most critical value of mini programs.

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