How to make a member management applet?

How to make a member management applet?

Membership management Mini-program creation is very easy, just find a third-party membership management mini-program production platform.

This kind of self-made mini program tool will provide the mini program template, mini program server, mini program functional components, etc. required by the member management mini program, which can meet the basic membership management requirements of enterprises or stores.

How to make a member management applet?
Member management applet

1. Apply for an enterprise mini program account

The first is to apply for a small program account on each platform. For WeChat mini-programs, go to the WeChat public platform to apply, for Baidu mini-programs, go to Baidu, and for Byte Toutiao, go to Byte Toutiao.

2. Find a third-party member management applet production platform

Enter the official website of the third-party member management mini-program production platform, complete the registration of your own account, and then activate the mini-program production product.

3. Choose a member management applet template

Choose a small program template that fits your business positioning and apply it to your small program.

4. Add member management applet function and decoration applet page

Then add the functions that your own mini program needs to use, such as appointments, information registration, and so on. After adding the functions, the next step is to replace the sample pictures and text of the applet template with the content of your own company.

5. Authorize the Mini Program account to third-party members to manage the Mini Program production platform, waiting for approval

At the level of member management system, merchants can log in to the backstage management system of the store through the cash register member management system, and will be able to realize rich and easy-to-use member management system functions, such as registering members, counting times and recharging times, supporting importing and exporting members The information helps businesses manage their customers well.

The VIP member directory displayed by the background management can clearly see detailed information such as the name of the VIP member, membership rights, mobile phone number, affiliated store, etc., allowing managers to visualize and quickly browse the status of the VIP member.

According to the huge VIP member data information, the company can complete an in-depth analysis of its own customer base, and make matching service items, thereby improving consumer friendliness and increasing conversion rate.

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