Flexible employment platform development-under what circumstances will companies use flexible employment?

Since the emergence of flexible employment platforms in recent years, flexible employment has become the choice of many companies. Why do so many companies use this method? There are three main situations when companies use this method.

Flexible employment platform development-under what circumstances will companies use flexible employment?
Flexible employment

First, the requirements for some positions in the company are relatively flexible and are calculated on a live basis.

For example, temporary development and design, etc., and some such as door-to-door cleaning and maintenance.

Second, enterprises’ employment demand has skyrocketed in the short term.

For example, in the manufacturing and catering industries, peak and low peak employment is more obvious. This data report shows that more than 30% choose flexible employment.

Thirdly, new business formats for various platform-based employment are urgently needed.

For example, platforms with many experts such as Douyin and Kuaishou, Meituan Waimai, a rider platform that settles according to tasks, and various platforms that can be used as side jobs, flexible employment has become the first choice of many companies.

So let’s take the real estate industry as an example to explain.

The demand for employment in the property industry continues to soar, and the flexible employment platform cleverly solves the employment problems in the property industry

We all know that property management is a labor-intensive industry. With the vigorous development of the property management industry and the increasing demand for labor, there are a large number of temporary service personnel such as cleaning, inspections, garden maintenance and repair personnel. etc.

In the property service stage of most companies, project supervisors are often mismatched, and various situations force them to use employees. However, this situation faces a series of problems such as no return invoice for personal settlement, high labor risks, and high financial and tax risks. .

If we adopt a flexible employment platform, these problems can be easily solved.

After the property company cooperates with the flexible employment platform, it outsources the project tasks to the platform. At the same time, the task service fee is paid to the platform. The platform will issue a special invoice of 6% in full to the enterprise’s account, and it can also deduct the value-added tax.

The whole process is compliant and convenient, and there are no problems such as employee resignation procedures, wages, manual processing, etc., which saves worry and money. At the same time, the income from the platform’s orders to individuals is also distributed by the platform after paying taxes. The two parties are in a cooperative relationship. , naturally there are no various risks in labor relations.

Note: Only for labor dispatch and human resources

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